How Quickly It Happens

Remember being a teenager?  A crush you’d had for a week felt like it had lasted forever and probably meant you should marry the person, the new political idea you had was the one true belief, and so on.  In teenage world, emotions run high and obsessions develop quickly.  Watch what happens:


In this post from two months ago, a gay teenage boy talks about his high school ex-boyfriend who now has a girlfriend.

That’s pretty tough stuff for a high schooler to deal with–and it only gets tougher when the ex starts kissing his female best friend in front of him, a little less than a month ago:


“I’ll never have that with him,” he thinks.  He’s sad–who wouldn’t be?

But then comes the next phase–just five days later, this child, who previously has referred to himself only as a guy or a male, says this:


Now, he’s transgender–mentioned only for the first time.  But he’s still confused:


Note the lack of desire to transition, just wishing he had a higher voice, not wanting to even shave or have female sex characteristics.  This is a boy who is grieving the loss of an early relationship and realizing that the boy he was in a relationship with preferred girls–and he is endeavoring to become a girl.  It would be heartbreaking enough … but none of the people in the groups he goes into mentions this.  No one talks to him about adolescent heartbreak, or how it can make us wish we were different people just so the person we were crushing on would love us back.

Look what they tell him to do instead.


Yup.  The solution proposed to this kid’s heartbreak and jealousy, here, is to start acting more and more feminine.  And look what it does–look what this child is saying TWO DAYS after people suggest these coping methods, and four days after saying he was comfortable with his genitals, did not want to shave, et cetera:


That’s how long it takes, folks.  That’s how long it takes a young child who doesn’t mind his body–who talks in earlier posts about how he doesn’t mind his height, doesn’t want to change his body, and more–to decide that permanent, irreversible bodily changes are necessary for his continued survival and happiness.

It only takes a few days, when a child is caught in the right psychological place, and transgender people on websites like Reddit are eager to guide them toward transgender ideology as a solution to their problems.  Instead, it leads to increasing body dysmorphia/dysphoria (more on that later–many people in these groups have even noticed that when they leave the groups temporarily or permanently, their dysphoric feelings are eliminated) and suicidal ideation.

This is far, far, far from the only case.  This is happening every day.  And we’ll be documenting it.

20 thoughts on “How Quickly It Happens

  1. Well, it took me almost 30 years to be “recruited into the transgender ideology” – and that was without any involvement from reddit, and barely any involvement from the internet. Not sure what you can do with your kids to prevent them from having the experience I’ve had – an experience which has involved “sterilising hormones” and so-called “mutilating surgeries”. I guess you’ll have to remove your kids from living life!


    • That is exactly the point. Imagine having surgery and taking hormones when you weren’t really trans. The post discusses a culture that leads to many people being misdiagnosed with GID and given improper treatment as a result. The treatments have life long consequences so it is very serious to misdiagnose young people with GID.


      • These comments are present without showing all the comments. Transitioning isn’t for everyone and many comments omitted are for those that say that you need to see a therapists.. That’s why there are WPATH standards that should be followed to ensure that only a transgender individual has access to hormones and surgeries.


  2. The transgender community, both live and online, always felt so predatory to me. It is some combination of validation-grooming-delusion-desperation. It is palpable and disturbing.

    It’s the football dad combined with child pagent mom combined with pedophile combined with Machiavelli. It’s as if each new young boy was personal proof of the ever-changing, ever-growing historical narratives the men were claiming (and yes, it was always the male-born doing this). They would put words in the kids mouth before he could even speak. They would interrupt him or talk over him, with leading comments “oh I remember how it was, YOU are doing this, thinking that, wanting this.” And always, always, always the push to transition NOW, “before you lose your beauty and end up looking like me”. As if this child won’t age over time just like the rest of us. Followed by blatant offerings of/coercions for sex.

    It is not a safe environment for the impressionable young or emotionally vulnerable.

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  3. judith butler was just given the “chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by france.
    the queen deconstructor of female reality … just a prolix prattler if you ask me, just shows the general intellectual decay that she can be considered a feminist… i think the over-specialized world of academia can’t deal with the problems of society today so it navel-gazes and dreams up junk like “gender studies” which to me is such stupidity it’s incredible… gender being a fascist myth and all, and less a “performance” than a robotic, programmed operation…
    have you written about her at all? what’s your opinion?


  4. Ummm….. Why the fuck are MY posts being shared around the internet. Y’all best b ashamed of yourselves this is disqusting. And by the fucking way, I wasn’t forced into this lifestyle, I’ve always been transgender so you can shut the fuck up, all of you. I just was never open about it. I don’t appreciate you talking shit about the trans community and using me as your little piece against them. FUCK OFF.


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