The purposes and aims of this website

In recent years, the transgender community has started advancing an ideology that creates psychological distress, especially in young people.  While trans activists in the news media (like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox) talk about transgender issues in a way that makes them sound tame, the reality is different once gender questioning and confused individuals make their way to trans groups online.

In these groups, teenagers who feel uncomfortable with their bodies and adults with depression and anxiety are coached–yes, coached–into thinking the source of their discomfort is a lifelong dysphoria that can only be corrected via sterilizing cross-sex hormones and, often, disfiguring surgeries.

You may not believe that this coaching or recruitment happens, or maybe you’ve already had experience with it.  Either way, this blog aims to show evidence that transgender groups online are actively recruiting children, pressuring children and young adults to make irreversible bodily changes as young as possible, and turning them away from any family members or friends who do not support every aspect of transgender ideology.

While many transgender people in the offline world just want to live their lives quietly and free from interference, transgender ideology online is rapidly showing indications of becoming a cult, complete with suicides for the cause and self-mutilation and castration.  If you are a parent of a newly gender questioning or transgender teenager, you need to be aware of what these online transgender groups are telling your child:

  • That their current discomfort with their growing, changing body means they will never be happy without hormones and possibly surgeries
  • That their natural puberty is poisoning their body and will prevent them from ever becoming the person they want to be
  • That normal childhood transgressions of gender norms (a boy playing with dolls, for instance) indicates a lifelong desire to be the opposite sex
  • That suicide can be preferable to starting hormones after puberty
  • That suicide can be a valid political act, or a good way to show parents and others that the transgender movement or your pronoun choice is serious
  • That being aroused by wearing women’s clothing means you are transgender and require a lifetime of hormone therapy and possible surgeries
  • That parents who “misgender” their child or call them by a name or pronoun other than their chosen one are being abusive and/or forcing their child to kill him or herself
  • That teens and young adults should stop listening to anyone in their life who expresses concern over their transition or believes they may be fixating on gender transition for the wrong reasons

This blog will show evidence for this and so much more that you won’t believe until you see it.  This is the real face of transgender activism online.  This is what your child got sucked into.  We’ll talk about deprogramming tips, later, too, but for now, this is our advice:

If your child thinks he or she is transgender, get them away from the internet and back into reality.  Whether your child decides to go through with transition or not, the ideology of transgender activism online is toxic and leads to depression, self-harm, and suicide.

8 thoughts on “The purposes and aims of this website

  1. What Mr Charbon is not telling you he is transgender and that he thinks that there is no gender at all. That you can be and should be accepted by society as a woman today, and tomorrow you can be a man baby. Check what they think at their really scary forum at

    It’s really pretty sick that a transgender person would be frequenting a place like this…


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