Questioning Reinforced, Again: This Is What Recruitment Looks Like


The person in this thread believes he could live as a male, doesn’t think he could consider himself a woman even if he transitioned, and believes he could end up suicidal if he started presenting as a girl at his high school.

According to him, he’s only been thinking about heading down this road for a few days:


So what are the responses he gets, this kid who’s been thinking about transition for a few days, admits to obsessive thinking patterns, and so on?


Yup.  “You sound trans.”  And sure enough, within a couple of days


Parents: if your child has recently come out as transgender and seems more depressed/anxious than before, CHECK THEIR INTERNET HISTORY.  Find out where they’re posting.  The forums we’re looking at right now are just one location out of many where these things are happening.  Your child may be being manipulated by adults into a situation that is making their mental problems worse, not better.

3 thoughts on “Questioning Reinforced, Again: This Is What Recruitment Looks Like

  1. They say they have been contemplating a gender variation identity for a year and that it became more prevalent in the last week. You’re skewing of these posts and intentions is actually pretty impressive. That or you just can’t read well.


  2. Not surprising. There is TOO much emphasis on gender even in the LGBQT community as well as the mainstream gender community, putting pressure on ALL of us to choose. The whole thing is becoming to transparent that instead of just helping kids work out their self-doubt, they are pushed into a direction by the community of adults with their own political agenda. Yes by all means support our children, but don’t manipulate them and label them. That’s the EXACT thing we don’t need anymore of, labels and categories. It’s why we’re confused in the first place.


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