“I’ve given plenty of trans girls shots from my supply”: creepy behavior in the trans community

As adults, we know that people on the internet aren’t always who they claim to be, and that they don’t always have our best interests in mind. For young people, like teenagers, who can be both naive and impulsive, this is not always immediately obvious. Predatory males exist all over the internet, also in the transgender communities. We have already seen that there are plenty of young teens posting to these communities, and after being exposed to them for a while, many of them start wanting to take hormones. How convenient that there are older people (males) available to offer their assistance!

The person in the first two screenshots is an adult male, and a moderator of several trans and LGBT subreddits.

ol, my T levels are thru the basement, i dont take any AAs. and i do shots, so if you want me to jab you with a very sharp needle and load you up with two weeks of SUPER GIRL JUICE, then come on over. lord knows i've given plenty of trans girls, plenty of shots from my supply.

The same 42 year old male offering a 13 year old to come to his apartment in exchange for prescription medication.

shit, with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, i need to rename it Drewie's House Of Wayward Trangirls.

Another example of creepy behavior: an 18 year old posts their picture in r/transpassing. An adult male makes this comment:

You are an "exquisite specimen". Are you bi? Even if you are (actually) a female, please say yes.

The poster also get this reply:

I don't care if you have to DIY. I'll send you links on how to do so and get em for cheap. Three words: GET ON HRT. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! InHousePharmacy Alldaychemist and whatnot. Add me on Steam if you want.

This is the advice given to a suicidal 15 year old desperate for hormones. This commenter is an adult:

You might need to be 18 to get a P.O. Box. Are there any universities in your area? They might have an LGBT group. If you can find another trans woman in your area maybe she can help you. Or any ally.

Other posters try to get the 15 year old to disclose personal information like location: (this commenter is also an adult)

Where exactly do you live in the deep south? If that's too personal for the internet, what's your closest big city?

Here we see a male in his early 20s offering hormones to a 16 year old:

Yah know... If you could spare some of that stuff... Nobody needs to know... Joking of course, sorta... If I weren't going to get in trouble with my therapist and the children's hospital for it, I would totally go DIY. permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]NordicFairy 21 MtF HRT Jan 15, non-op, Czech 3 points 1 day ago  If you could spare some of that stuff I have excess supply of Cypro and Quetiapin.

This is just some of the behavior that goes on in the open. We can only imagine what goes on via private messages.

9 thoughts on ““I’ve given plenty of trans girls shots from my supply”: creepy behavior in the trans community

    • Oh, you were assigned male at birth. What surgeries did you have done to you’re body, to make you into a male baby? I really wish trans people would stop talking our terminology.

      You know that is the kind of stuff, that could kill/harm someone, if not done properly. You could go to jail or prison, if someone died taking you’re stuff.


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