“I hope your old saggy transphobic vagina falls off”: trans misogyny on twitter

Trans people online are fond of accusing feminists who disagree with them of being hateful. However, if you pay attention to the interactions happening in various places, you will very rarely see feminists wishing death, disease and other terrible things on the people they disagree with. What you will find are trans activists doing this.

Trans people on twitter also often have negative opinions of women, especially those women they deem to be “TERFs” (“trans exclusionary radical feminists”). Here Twitter user “WeirdBirdPal” is feeling happy that such a woman got cancer:


TERFs are so evil that they should get ill with plague:


Terfs are inhuman scum:


Wishing vagina cancer on a feminist:


TERFs and their allies should die in fires or from cancer:


TERF kids should be set on fire:


17 thoughts on ““I hope your old saggy transphobic vagina falls off”: trans misogyny on twitter

  1. That is terrible. It is NOT helping their cause to behave this way. I am a potential trans ally but not for people who bully and threaten others. I don’t know what Roseanne Barr said, if she was actually being offensive/mean or if someone just had way too sensitive feelings (some people are getting HOSTILE at the merest indication that someone might disagree with them on ANY issue so I’m not going to just assume that Roseanne said something wrong) but even if Roseanne DID say something downright nasty, it still does not pay to react with such hostility. If you want to point out bigoted or aggressive behavior, there are far better ways than to make yourself sound bigoted and nasty/hateful. Diplomacy works.


  2. It’s bizarre that men who want to be taken seriously as women behave in the most masculine way possible. They seem to have absolutely no clue what women are like and total blind hatred for anyone who is female. So how on Earth does it make sense that they “identify” as female? I just don’t get it.

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  3. While these statements are TERRIBLE and frankly, make me sick to my stomach, please don’t get your worldview of trans people from a select few. Have a great day! 🙂



    • This is not a select few. Those trans people who do push back against transmisogyny (trans hatred of women) receive the same treatment.


        • Misogyny, when the word is parsed out, literally means the hatred of women.

          I know trans activists laughably tried to tack on “trans” to the word to talk about hatred of trans women, but what they actually did was create a word that means the trans hatred of women. I prefer to use the word according to what it actually implies, especially given how common trans women’s hatred of women is. Transmisogyny, trans hatred of women, is the norm; trans women who identify with women, and not just as women, are the exception.

          Also, someone who hates trans women is exhibiting transphobia, homophobia, or misandry, not misogyny. No one hates trans women for being women unless trans women convincingly pass as women. When they pass as women, the hatred they experience is just misogyny.


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