“Dress up, practice girl voice, play around with your hair”. More stereotypes.

Supposedly, being trans has nothing to do whatsoever with clothes or stereotypes. How curious it is, then, that one of the ways to explore whether or not you might be trans consists of putting on “girl clothes” or make-up – in private. 

Am I trans or not?” Get some girl clothes, try them on and see how it makes you feel! If you like it, you are trans. Apparently humans have an inborn preference for clothing of a specific type.


“Maybe try dressing up as a woman in private”. Somehow this commenter probably doesn’t mean “jeans and t-shirt” when talking about “dressing as a woman”. Makeup is definitely involved, as if makeup is some central aspect of womanhood.


Am I MtF“? Buy some womens clothes.


What are some real life tests we can do in private to further determine whether one is trans?“, one poster asks.

Keep your body smooth shaven, one commenter suggests, as if women are naturally hairless and smooth. Oh and wear panties!


Or how about playing around with your hair and walk around doing girly gestures? Surely if you like doing that you must really be a woman?!


6 thoughts on ““Dress up, practice girl voice, play around with your hair”. More stereotypes.

  1. Why is it that we never see any posts saying that the poster “must be a woman” because he enjoys “dressing like a woman” and “thinks like a woman” where that is “I like jeans and a polo shirt with a hoodie, short hair, wide canvas sneakers” and “I like reading military thriller novels?”

    …because I’m a woman (with original-equipment vag!) and that’s what I like to wear and read.

    It’s just stuff. You like to wear sparkly shoes? GREAT! Just ditch the labels. There are men who like sparkly clothes and shave 24/7.

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    • Absolutely spot on Adrian! I’ve spent my whole life wearing precisely what I want to wear despite what society dictates.

      The problem is that there is a lot of patriarchal nonsense involved in the “treatment” of these kids once they reach the stage where they make their doctors aware.

      I was subjected to that myself and I had absolutely no desire to “transition” with medics telling me that I wasn’t dressing sufficiently “femme” to be believable, (I’m male bodied), and telling me that wearing jeans and t-shirts was manly so I should be wearing skirts and dresses. I won’t say what my response was, (that particular day I was wearing “female” jeans, tshirt, trainers, socks and a “male” oversized shirt – could just as easily have been the other way around).

      It’s not just in terms of dress that they are expected to conform to the stereotypes, it’s everything from how they act, how they speak, what their interests are and so on.

      This helps to perpetuate the gender myth and the roles/rules which go hand in hand with that.

      Add in the cult of “transgender” and it’s absolutely no wonder that these kids, these extremely vulnerable and impressionable kids, are going to such extremes.


  2. The trans ideology is basically just turning fantasies and fetishization into a pseudo medical condition. Probably because, deep inside, they are ashamed of these fetishes and fantasies and they’re right.


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