“At least get on blockers. At the very least! You’ll regret waiting further”

We have seen previously here on Transgender reality that there is a lot of pressure to start taking either hormone blockers or hormones for young people who think they might be transgender. Sometimes it’s supposed to be a sort of diagnostic tool, the thought being that if you feel better on the hormones of the opposite sex, that means you are transgender. Often, the decision to start blockers or hormones is presented as something you need to do as soon as possible, even if you aren’t sure if it’s the right thing, even if you’re just 13 years old and confused. Going through natural puberty is framed as “watching your body get ruined”.

Kids going to reddit and the many large transgender subreddits there get presented with this over and over again. You need to start hormones now or you will never pass! Testosterone is ruining your body! It doesn’t take much for them to internalize this and start obsessing, as we have seen previously.

Anything I can do?” asks a 16 year old, and gets told by several commenters to “get HRT asap”:


Can I pass?” asks another 16 year old, and again HRT comes up several times:

hrt2 hrt3

What do I have to work with here?” asks a 14 year old. The second comment mentions hormones:


Other commenters talks about how it’s possible to get androgen blockers online:


“Get blockers”:


Note that this kid has not even seen a therapist yet, and still people are egging him on to get hormones.

“Is transitioning early really worth it?” asks a 15 year old. The commenters start talking about HRT straight away:


“Stop the damage of testosterone on your body”:


Do it now do it now do it now, you’ll regret it if you don’t:


This kid, who found out he’s trans less than a month before and has not talked to a therapist or even told his parents, wonders how hard he should “push for hrt”. The answer: very hard:

hrt10 hrt11 hrt12 hrt13 hrt14

This 19 year old wonders if he could pass. This exchange is very typical:


In a nutshell, he’s told to get on HRT as soon as possible. He mentions feeling stressed out because he’s not even sure he wants to transition, but worries that “I don’t have enough time to decide”. So obviously, the answer is to “start an anti androgen”. His concerns about fertility are handwaved away. Can’t worry about fertility when the more important thing is to become as pretty as possible!

This premise is most often left unspoken, but if you pay attention it is very pervasive. Passing as a woman isn’t enough, the desire to be an attractive, beautiful, sexy woman is very deep among many would-be transitioners. When you take this into consideration, the preoccupation with getting people on hormones in their early teens makes more sense. Here are just a few examples of this sentiment:






This is a recipe for disaster. Young teens go into these communities with problems that are incredibly typical, like feelings of not fitting in with peers, or liking clothing or activities that are seen as being “for” the opposite sex. They are told that even questioning their gender means that they are trans, and to get on puberty blockers or hormones as soon as possible. Again and again, the idea that taking one’s life is a natural and inevitable consequence of not being able to get these medications is reinforced.

What happens next?


Yeah. That post was written by Josh “Leelah” Alcorn, who committed suicide later that year.

14 thoughts on ““At least get on blockers. At the very least! You’ll regret waiting further”

  1. ~TGR, feel free to delete this post if you want, just a personal-ish rant~

    Reading the forum posts screencapped here makes the bottom drop out of my stomach for some reason, not just because of the constant underlying threat of suicide. Just sets me back to age 17-19ish when pretty much half my life was spent in blind panic, by the feeling that my life was slipping away from me with puberty. (It actually wasn’t since my puberty was literally over at 14, lol) I *have* to be on estrogen now, in fact I should have been on estrogen years ago, now it’s too late, now I’ll always be a hideous monster whom no one will ever love etc. And thing is, I had no trans presence in my life, online or irl, and no social pressure telling me ‘you NEED to transition now before testosterone ruins your body!’ so I have no idea where this was even coming from, apart from the part of my brain that believed myself to be female.

    Two things – 1. I think some of this comes from a broader cultural infantilisation/sexualisation of women, rather than the trans community. Obv if you ‘identify’ as a woman you’re going to be sensitive to all the cultural messages that women who aren’t beautiful, sexy and young-looking are worth less than nothing. If those messages are strong enough to make actual women starve themselves it’s not really surprising they also make boys who think they’re women throw themselves in front of trucks. 2. And to a certain extent they’re right about testosterone being poison. It shortens your lifespan, it’s linked to all sorts of diseases etc. Male bodies are literally mutilated female bodies after all. I really do think some of the increasing prevalence of transsexualism among males can be linked to a sort of class consciousness/unconsciousness of the biological inferiority and ongoing demise of male bodies.

    So, here I am in a body that’s been destroyed by testosterone (and that destruction has been ongoing since before I was born). Wish I could make this an inspiring post about how I’ve grown to accept it, but I… haven’t. I still hate it and I’m still trying to find some way out of it. So I’m probably the wrong person to be posting on this website. All I have now that I didn’t have when I was 17 is the cold comfort that ‘passing’ is irrelevant, that being a pretty woman won’t save me; that men hate pretty women as much as they hate ugly ones. That there never was going to be a positive outcome for me because men aren’t capable of love in the first place, and it’s gaslighting to pretend otherwise. But, obviously, that doesn’t help much. 😛

    (sort of like the non-suicide pact i made with myself because, like, i’m going to die anyway, why rush it?)

    Sorry for the word vomit and probable tmi.

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    • “I *have* to be on estrogen now”

      Do you need it to live? Then you don’t “have” to have it.

      “I think some of this comes from a broader cultural infantilisation/sexualisation of women, rather than the trans community.”

      I’m willing to accept this as the case, but even if it is, transsexuals love to say how they’re destroying the gender binary, when by giving in to those stereotypes they’re just reinforcing it.

      “they’re right about testosterone being poison. It shortens your lifespan, it’s linked to all sorts of diseases”

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone_poisoning “Testosterone poisoning is not an actual medical condition.”

      “Male bodies are literally mutilated female bodies after all.”

      I…what? Just because males sort-of start out as females in the womb doesn’t mean they can be considered mutilated. You know what’s mutilated? Calling a wound that links to no uterus or fallopian tubes, and needs to be dilated regularly lest it heal, a “vagina”.

      I have no idea what you’re saying in the final paragraph.


        • If anyone wishes to read further, they are free to research these following terms:

          Mullerian ducts/Paramesonephric ducts
          Wolffian ducts/Mesonephric ducts
          Sex differentiation

          It is indeed wrong to simplify matters as just “all human beings start out female” (the dream of the autogynephile). A more accurate description would be to say that the male embryo undergoes a masculinization that simply does not occur for female embryos.

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      • Now that it’s daylight I basically agree with everything you said here, lol. I should not be allowed to post comments on things when sleep deprived and depressed. I promise I’ll be less unhinged and more reality based in future :<

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    • Pop culture and trans mind-think have the same source: dudes. Men are always projecting their issues on to women. Women have advantages as they age. Not having to worry about getting pregnant is just one of them. Being jailbait isn’t a gift. If you’re a sexist male who hates the idea of growing older, pretending that being an aging female is worse makes you feel better (temporarily). If you actually believe in sexist, evo-psych bullshit and at the same time have certain fetish tendencies, puberty is suddenly an issue. It’s just internalized sexism, however, experienced by a member of the oppressor class who is delusional enough to think they are a woman. And in some cases, potential pedos. Who else finds puberty so distasteful?

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      • “Women have advantages as they age.”

        I wonder what we’ll see once the hordes of MTTs get older since they seem to be so obsessed with the stereotypical female beauty norms. They clearly have gotten the memo that as Dines says, as a woman you get to choose between “fuckability or invisibility” and they clearly are going for fuckability. But have they gotten the memo that as women, once you hit a certain age, that “choice” disappears and you get to choose between invisibility or invisibility? How is that going to work out for misogynistic beauty norm-obsessed narcissists? Will we be seeing a mass detransitioning? Suicides? How are they going to handle the demise of the exterior when that’s all they consider women (and thus themselves) to be?


  2. […] As we know, an embarrassing sexual fantasy and secret shame of male transgenderists to “become women” is the reason we see so many reports of young children being coercively fast-tracked by narcissistic Munchausen parents and crooked doctors into a life of medicalized transsexualism. This is also the reason why it’s apparently OK in society now that many confused adolescents and young adults are being steered down that path by adult transgenderists…. […]


  3. to be fair, testosterone does a lot of damage (If you consider male phenotype incorrect). If there were truly safe blockers available, without the risk of sterility, would you be so condemning?


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