” I feel like I have to try so hard as a guy” vs “I hate how I’m treated”. Motives for wanting to transition

We have seen previously on this blog that people who want to transition to the other gender often have other motives for doing so than gets presented in the usual stories we see in the media. The stories we see in the media portray being transgender as being true to some inner essence – like the rebirth of  Bruce as Caitlyn, someone who was always there, inside, the real soul inside the body.

In reality? People who transition have many different motives for doing so. Some transitioners feel that their personalities would fit better in the bodies of the opposite sex. .Thinking that the other sex has it better and easier is not uncommon. This is also seen in this post:


Sometimes, sexual feelings are part of it, as we see in this post:


Some questioners (especially the ones who are born female) hate the way they are treated by others as their birth sex:


Regular old-fashioned sexism is now making young women question whether they are really men inside. This is a sexist consequence of a sexist ideology.

4 thoughts on “” I feel like I have to try so hard as a guy” vs “I hate how I’m treated”. Motives for wanting to transition

  1. #1 advice I want to give to all these boys and young men is: STOP WATCHING PORN.
    And to the teenage girls: You’re okay as you are. You don’t have to be feminine to be female.

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  2. This is so sad. I felt this way when I was going through puberty. Now I’m a healthy, happy, 52-yr old lesbian. Imagine if I was a kid today, would someone try to tell me it’s “OK” to “become” a “male”. Yikes.

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      • Its those times when people use suicide like that makes me wonder how people percieve and value the human life and death, but then I think more about it, these people who usually do that are regular losers who generally dont mean it(at least from what Ive seen so far), or are the trans-losers who see the trans identity as the worlds biggest trophy and truly believe people will never be happy unless they transition in some form.


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