“I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes”

We’ve seen before in this blog that it’s not uncommon for transgender people, especially those wanting to transition to female, to be jealous and angry at women, for having what they desperately want. Sometimes, it gets ugly.

I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes“, this commenter confesses:


Another commenter in the same thread reports violating their sister’s privacy while she was asleep, in order to “know what my body should have looked like”.


Does the jealousy ever go away“, asks this poster, who admits that their “lust for girls is completely intertwined with jealousy”:


One commenter chimes in, saying no, it actually got worse.


But maybe that’s just part of being a woman, after all, according to this commenter, “normal women are HIGHLY judgmental“:


This poster hates a 23 year old woman for having the life they always wanted, with a princess bedroom and a prom dress. Also the poster wants to “have angry, passionate sex with her”:


A woman says that this makes her uncomfortable, and another person tells her “I’d probably irrationally hate you too”.


More commenters chime in. “You’re not the only one, hon”.


This poster can’t even look at women without becoming angry:


While this poster gets filled with “sadness, jealousy, and rage” and the sight of a vagina:


A commenter reassuringly says that at least  vaginas can be avoided, while on the other hand “I get triggered every time I need the lady’s room”.


These people admit to hating women, being lustful but at the same time envious and rage-filled. They report wanting to have “angry sex” with someone and even to violating their siblings. These are people who have an obsessive, unhealthy fixation with women and women’s bodies.

14 thoughts on ““I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes”

  1. I am a dominant, masculine gay trans man top, and I feel this way about cis boys/men, and have since around the age of ten. This is not exclusive to same gender attracted trans women.


    • That type of anger, rage and jealousy is dangerous to allow near women and girls considering females are on the losing end of sexual dimorphism. Hormones don’t undo the larger mass, denser muscles, wider fists, larger feet and socialization of fighting that men have to take their rage out on women.


    • You clearly have no understanding of how complex biology is. Transwomen are absolutely not men, they are women. You desperately need to educate yourself.


      • Are you aware, Gina, that in actual women, the vagina is connected through a special nervous system to the brain? This is why rape is so devastating to women and why men just cant understand that devastation. Furthermore, women whose vaginas are well-treated experience a flowering of creativity…our brains are different to men’s but it is down to serious biology. Transwomen are not women. They may not be men…they have a brain miswire, perhaps. But this doesnt make them women. Transwomen should stop trying to be women and should just be a new and special group: transwomen. With their own characteristics…could be a bridge between men and women…it could be something good. But its you who need to educate yourself, Gina.

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      • I love how brainwashed people just say “educate yourself” and appear never to have read the article we are all commenting on or anything else other than some FB memes about female penis. Gina, sweetie, yes biology is complex. Sexual reproduction is humans is not. Male, female. Sperm, egg. Uterus, placenta. Yawn. Please do not drag the clown fish into this. We are not clown fish. We are not immune to anemone poison. We don’t become female if our penises fall of and start gestating babies. You know what’s really complex? Social constructs and mental illness. I’m not talking bad mental illness like psycho killers but sympathetic ones like depression and body dysmorphic disorder. Gina, yes, sometimes for all kids of reasons some people begin to believe they at in the wrong body. Guess what. Impossible. You cannot possibly be in the wrong body. Here’s the problem: we live in a messed up world that has somehow connected certain behaviors and styles of dress to genitals. Silly, right? Yeah, imagine thinking that running a certain way made you a girl or liking to lead made you a boy. I know, it’s nuts. But that’s the kind of world we live in. And one time some women were all, “Hey, I don’t think I should be defined by my genitals, like I may not want to be a mother and I may want to be a congressperson.” Shock! And there were some dudes who were all, “I see the way some really submissive women seem to get a lot of male attention, and it looks like power and I kind of always dreamed about being admired like that, but the kind of guys I like only like really pretty women,: and guess what — bc they had these thoughts and desires in a very rigidly sex-stereotyped word, they thought they MUST BE women! But of course we know for absolute certain that in humans, there are only two sexes — female and male — and sometimes there are genetic abnormalities that cause people to be intersex. Some people took this to mean that there were more than two sexes, but of course to be a “sex” means to have a role in sexual reproduction. And intersex people are infertile so these are not “sexes.” And really that logic is like saying, “Some humans are born without legs, so humans are not bipedal.” It doesn’t make sense. So yeah, I’ll keep reading and educating myself, but it would be awesome if you did too and did some thinking about this absolute nonsense. Gender is nothing more than sex-based stereotyping. To suggest that gender is innate is to suggest that women are naturally weak and frilly and submissive and bad at math. Is that your position?

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  2. This is terrifying????? Reading this makes me scared they’ll end up killing a woman one day because of their anger and jealousy. Like. Damn. what the fuck


    • They have assaulted women already. Two years ago, I had to work in a city in the near and one male trans passed by my stand. Look, I’m a very plain woman, I don’t dress flashy and my face and body are pretty normal, but the hatred I got from that man was scary. He hadn’t to say anything, it was just the glance he gave to me. I wasn’t involved in all this trans-bullshit, but yeah, I can say for sure that was a huge peak trans.


  3. I AM A WOMAN, And I really hate men all the time. Especially when I see this fucked up shit. But with men and their privilege the world just smothers them with sympathy instead of treating their pathological psychosis . Men are dangerous to the world haven’t they more than proven this already. All this doesn’t not exist in Matriarchal societies. It only has existed in patriarchal societies which the entire world has succumbed to.


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