Schrodinger’s trans: sexual fetish or transgender

Being transgender is often portrayed as having some sort of essence of the opposite sex, being the opposite sex in the mind or brain. We are also told that “gender identity” has nothing to do with sexuality. Why is it then, that there are so many people for whom being seen as a woman is sexually gratifying and stimulating?

This person likes airing their penis in women’s dressing rooms:

uncovered penis

This person feels aroused at the thought of being female, while at the same time disliking women because “they were the center of attention”. He’s unsure whether he’s trans or not.


This person has a “transformation fetish“:


This charming person, who we’ve already seen in a previous post, is “completely a boy” in his head, because he likes video games and cars, but he wants a female body so that he can be “dominated and fucked in bed“:

dominated and fucked in bed

This fellow gets a weird happy feeling and an erection whenever thinking about being the opposite gender:


This person gets erections from wearing skirts:

skirts and erections

Why are so many male people confusing being aroused by something and wanting to become that thing? Why are nobody questioning these motivations? Are most women comfortable sharing locker rooms and other facilities with people who by their own admission gets so turned on they have to masturbate just by “feeling female”?

3 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s trans: sexual fetish or transgender

  1. At least one of these, more likely two, provides insight that the gay/bisexual men may also have autogynephilia — not just the men who want to be “lesbians.”

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