“I identify as a woman but I think vaginas look gross”

Often in the media, transgender people are portrayed as being “trapped in the wrong bodies”, having an “unfortunate birth defect” or something similar. People born biologically male want to undergo procedures to make their bodies resemble those of people born female.

Except, of course, for those transgender people who “love the female body”, but find vaginas “gross”, and fully intent to keep their penises. Like this person:


Or this person:


Same person:


This person on Twitter:




Or this person, who doesn’t like “how vaginas look”, but is getting a surgical vagina created anyway.


One has to wonder what it is about the female body people like this “love”, when they talk so casually about finding female reproductive organs and genitals “gross”.

18 thoughts on ““I identify as a woman but I think vaginas look gross”

  1. If he was really a woman, he would know how much it hurts us when men are all grossed out by our bodies. This is a double insult. Typical male misogyny and then some.

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  2. This guy will regret it. If you want to get your penis turned inside out without having any dysphoria then that’s a fucking bad idea.

    But I have nothing against men making their penis lose its fuction.

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    • Yes, exactly,
      So……..an inside -out penis isn’t gross? or taking part of the lower intestine to create a second ass mucus-hole that produces ass-mucus secretions between your ball sac ain’t gross?

      Vaginas are Gross? WTF,
      There is some serious stone-throwing from glass houses here.

      I hope these guys know -fake holes on men are only created for male fantasy entertainment. Women are not as interested in asses on men, even when men get a second ass-hole. If one ass does not interest a even a straight woman, then why do they think they can show up at the lesbian communities with two ass-holes on a male body?

      I had[few years back] a mod-job on a body-modification site where guys [put-off by vaginas because of homosexuality]were discussing it and calling it ‘Double-anal’ with another guy, or ‘three men on a meat-spin’ if they are going for more ass on a bottom guy. A guy even reassured other guys, that it was still gay, and it was nothing like a vagina, and they accepted them as men.

      Women are Gross?
      Maybe, these guys are such big asses in general, that they required a surgically created, second ass-hole. Lets’ face it, it is more like more of a second ass-hole with no origin and nothing like a vagina. A vagina brings forth the elements of life, assholes evacuate shit, and secrete mucus that smells like shit. Nothing but shit ever was brought into the world with that thing, and these delusional men with the second-asshole need to stay away from women campaigning for reproductive rights.so they don’t have the right to call their faux-second-ass the same thing as a birth-canal.

      I guess ‘Mr. Brown’ prefers more of an ass-smell and a second ass. Maybe it is not a coincidence his last name is ‘brown’ and his claim to fame is that he hates women, and is a man that calls himself one.

      He is put off by vaginas?, So, he prefers smelling like ass, and likes that ‘new-ass’ smell.. The upside: blind lesbians can smell him, and they know to run.

      If he didn’t get the second ass surgery, and has an inside out dick, then, all he has to do to get his dick back – is wait for neovaginal prolapse. It might be kind of more looking like a flat worm-looking -mutilated penis by then, but- dick is dick, even damaged prolapsed dick… he can change his ID back to male when he doesn’t feel like dealing with his woman fetish..

      Yea, like that aint gross.

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  3. I can understand not finding vulvas pretty, I have always been of the opinion that the genitals of both sexes look kind of weird.
    What I cannot understand is how someone with a penis can call a vulva and vagina “gross”. Vaginas are self-cleaning, while penises breed disease under the foreskin. (There was a study that women with uncircumcised male partners are more likely to be infected with HPV)

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  4. Genitals look weird in general, lol.

    Heteronormativity may play a role, in that society pushes a version of male sexuality that involves the objectification of women and (some) male trans would naturally be gay males but in this society can’t separate themselves (or their lovers) from the woman-object. So they’re attracted to the female body-as-defined-by-patriarchy because that’s the only way they can conceive of sexuality, but in the end, they still like dick.

    The most confusing ones to me are the ‘trans lesbians’ who prefer to date other ‘trans lesbians’. I initially thought it might have something to do with the gay male community’s rejection of fem guys (and therefore an analogue to ‘trans fags’) but nope, they come across as being normal straight guys. Dating other normal straight guys. And they both identify as lesbians and love penis (only they call it ‘lady-stick’ or ‘neo-clit’ or whatever). Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

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    • Some of them are women-hating men that buddy up and get off on being abusive to women[and effeminate gay men] that cross them. Their sexuality is autogynephilic and they are supportive of each other’s fetish and narcissism. Mostly these guys are homophobic & straight, but share their fetish with each other.,

      … but some are defiantly just bi/gay men from such homophobic parents, the homophobia is internalized with a painful guilt that they will be disappointing their family with participation in Homosexuality. The only way they would participate in homosexuality,[which they are ashamed of] is in a dress, wig and calling themselves women to disguise it as ‘hetrosexual’.

      Both groups of these men tend to be abusive to openly homosexual men & women in the gay community. These men have a true ‘Venus envy’ [they blame women for their predicament] they stalk and constantly project to women in micro aggressions, even way beyond the boarders of the gay community. The plan to rip children from their mothers for sexual mutilation/ sterilization is not a coincidence.

      Using Children, permanently sexually mutilating them and removing them from women that give birth to them- to demonstrate that a middle age man’s sexual fetish needs to be celebrated in public with the right of forced female participation is another way, for Male rights activists to hurt women.


  5. It’s one thing to think that genitals look weird and not very appealing and one to be completely grossed out by vaginas while being ok with penises.
    I wonder if they’re gay or simply just immature and misogynistic.

    Anyway, that guy who thought the female body was gross but has had sex with “40 girls”? What the fuck.
    I wouldn’t want to have someone who was grossed out by my body as a partner. And dudes, when women and girls walk around wearing things like short shorts we often do it for practical reasons not exhibitionism. Reasons like hot weather and current fashion trends. While women also wear revealing clothes to look sexy, the act of wearing clothes is not a incredible turn on to the point of orgasm for the average woman. It can’t be pointed out enough.

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  6. How can you want reassignment and have a gender therapist and still mislabel the vulva by calling it a vagina? And whatever they wind up with afterwards, it won’t be a vagina, which functions in a way a surgically-created hole cannot.

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    • I thought they were using the word correctly, but now that you mention it, a vagina can’t look “gross” or anything, because you usually don’t see it. So yup, he’s totally confused about female anatomy. Weird.

      I really wonder why they even bother with those surgically-created holes. I mean, it is not like that would feel even remotely like having a vagina. It may feel what men think a vagina is, though. Which is something entirely different.

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      • From what I’ve read – it actually feels like a penis. It makes sense. They don’t grow a completely new organ. They just move some tissues around. Those tissues are still mapped to a penis in the brain.


  7. Even if this dudes were gay, that’s not an excuse for being misogynist. If you just think all genitals look weird, that’s fine but this definitely goes over into misogyny.

    Sarah Brown is insane and last I heard he blames the ‘terfs’ for him losing an election and regularly tweets about taking handfuls of Valium because someone pointed out he was a wack-job. He is still married to his wife and was apparently in some relationship with another dude, yet claims to be a lesbian. Yeah, that’s called bisexual moron, and men cannot be lesbians.

    I think he likely lost that election because he political party just wasn’t popular that year and apparently he was insisting that emergency services give him and his wife free rides around town.

    This whole thing is just more evidence of fetishism. You find vaginas repulsive, yet you want to undergo plastic surgery to get a fake one? I saw a documentary about this where a man was so excited about getting surgery so he could “urinate out of his vagina”. That’s not how it works. But it’s very typical male identification to only care about where they might be able to stick their dicks. (Vulva is a more correct term.) You can easily find diagrams of human anatomy online, and we know that a lot of the trans-trend is internet based. Yet, this man didn’t bother to spend find minutes on goggle to learn more about the genitals he says he felt incomplete without.

    There was another documentary I heard about where a man was labeled a “true transexual” because he would completely break down and have a panic attack if anyone touched his penis. Gee, I think that more likely he was a victim of rape but sending him a counselor to deal with that doesn’t make the surgeon money.

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  8. I see this ALL the freakin’ time. I have so many screen shots of AskTransgeder where the male trannies are saying they don’t want SRS because they think vaginas/vulvas are gross. I also have a screen shot of a male who is 20 years old, and decided he wanted to transition, but claimed he had only seen a naked female body once and it creeped him out. Another guy was in his 50s IIRC and was going in for SRS but didn’t even know the names of the parts of female genitalia, like “labia majora,” “clitoris,” etc. It is so disturbing how completely divorced these males are from nature.


  9. How much of these attitudes toward human genitalia have to do with our genitalia shouting at us, “YOU ARE ANIMALS!”

    Somehow we put on clothes and we can kid ourselves we are not relatively hairless apes but some special creation. But genitalia? Hard to deny we’re just like dogs and goats and other mammals when you see our genitalia. I don’t find either vulvas or penises gross or weird, and the attitudes expressed by wannabe trans are pathetic.

    Great comment, Bea. Trans = ultimate divorce from nature.


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