“It’s not only what I want but it’s what I need”. On “gatekeeping”

Transgender people have gained more visibility over the last few years. From being non-existent to being exceedingly rare, today we hear of more and more transgendered people, and many of them are very young. Many of the young people who feel themselves to be transgendered, want to undertake body modifications, such as taking hormone blockers or hormone replacement, mastectomies for females, genital surgeries and/of facial surgeries. These are big decisions. How well are these young people screened to make sure there are no other disorders or reasons for wanting to transition that might cloud their judgement?

As is turns out, obtaining medical interventions has become rather easy.

This poster on tumblr, who is 17 years old, went from a general practitioner to a psychiatrist, who is referring them to an endocrinologist who will prescribe testosterone after just two sessions. “All in 1 week”.


How many sessions with a gender therapist did you go to before you got prescribed hormones?“, is the title of a post on reddit.


“Right away”, “three”, “after my first visit”, “2 months”, “after my second visit”, “4 sessions”.


“Zero”, “zero”, “4-5”, “Two”. This is not a lot of time spent getting therapy.

A poster has seen a therapist who has told them that they are depressed and might not be transgender, The solution is to immediately find a new therapist:


This 19 year old states in a post that “I’ve been in therapy for 4 months now and I’m ready to start hrt. It’s not only what I want but it’s what I need.”. Commenters advise the poster to lie to the therapist and say they are already taking hormones ordered online as a  strategy to get a prescription.


The same poster a day later reports that “I no longer felt like I really needed hrt cause if I could feel like this forever then it didn’t matter if I had a male body“. One is left to wonder how many of the young people who report feeling absolutely 100% sure of their decision come to change their minds later – and how many of them could have benefited from therapy that they will not receive, as the “informed consent” style clinics become more and more common.

17 thoughts on ““It’s not only what I want but it’s what I need”. On “gatekeeping”

  1. Do you have a tumblr? I personally think this should go on ALL famous and popular social media sites. Its nice to know I am not the only one who has this logic about the trans issues. They themselves are going to be an issue. It may be well prevalent in America but I really hope it doesnt spread to other countries (like the one I live). I havent read any ACTUAL articles and cases on trans forcing or influencing kids to take hormone pills, but if it is true, society really need to learn to stop bending its ass forward to let any random minority walk all over it, its one case of a crazy group taking over society, it wont be long till other groups arrive at the door and society screws itself over to let the rest in.

    I remember reading an online news article that a psychiatrist said transgender doesnt exist (in a sense that the human mind does not have specific genders/sex), I think that guy should teach a class in university all about rational thinking and how to navigate your own human mind, because ALL the trans logic about their mind is very sexist, I am a woman who loves to be dominant and dreams about taking her boyfriend from behind and being the breadwinner of the household, while the bf or husband does the housework and raise kids, does that make me a man? My mind is closer to the stereotypical male mentality and I have watched a documentary on the human mind having “genders”, and yet I feel happy as a biological girl. My mentality is separate from my biology and sometimes, it matches up with it, speaking gender identity stereotypically, why am I not confused? Because I am not a moron, I am biologically female and thats how I define my gender identity as. However, I dont let the stereotypes of my gender get to me and affect my personal choices in life. This is how I know this personal gender identity struggle is bullshit, everything a trans say matches quite well with normal happy standard human behaviour. Experimentation with girls and boy clothes, gaming (before it was recognised girls did it too), liking sport etc I have seen healthy non-trans friends, both girls and boys do this stuff, yet they are happy and healthy today about their bodies. Every single one. Which says a lot about the trans mentality: they care too much about corresponding their body to their minds to the point of believeing their minds having a specific gender of some sort matching their biological gender will ake them at peae and happy.

    Their logic is very insulting and makes no utter sense and even worst they are trying to push their sick ideolology onto vulnerable helpless individuals who are getting a grip on their own personal identity and try to silence all the rational thinkers by calling them transphobics, which is almost funny because, apparently being rational means “bigot” and “transphobia” for them, when in reality, they are truly the biggotted ones for their reason to take offence to our unbias analysis when we challenge their perceptions of how they view themselves and the rest of the world and when they cant argue that their perceptions are not stereotypes, they say “it goes deeper tthan that” or some other bullshit vague explanation to hightail out of the subject and not admit they are deeply sexist at a subconscious level and CONTINUALLY TO CLAIM that the human mind has biological genders. These people need some serious help and need proper psychologists and psychiatrusts who are not duped into this social justice shit.

    Also, I dont hate trans for the record, I do believe that if you feel uncomfortable with the body you are in, you should switch over, however before you should, you should go see the psychologist or psychiatrist and BE HONEST AND OPEN WITH ALL YOUR FEELINGS. Too many people dont understand that for a psychologist and psychiatrist to perform their best to help you, is if you give them the most accurate information possible, they are not mindreaders, they cant take a peek at your past and feelings without you saying so. They are there to help guide your heart and mind to find as much balance, peace and acceptance in your lifestyle and yourself as an individual.

    Anyway I do understand the need to alter the body for when I was a kid, I was wondering if I should make my body look more like a boy when I grew up, but then ultimately decided the female form was better looking and surgery wasnt worth the trouble with something that isnt broken, but if its to try to get your body to match your mind then there is seriously something wrong with you.

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    • Absolutely. I liked to climb on fences as a child and wore t-shirts and jeans to school-just like most of the boys (and girls). I only wore dresses for school pictures and special occasions. As an adult, I enjoy talking about sports and hate nail polish. Does that make me a male trapped in a female body? Not at all!
      I am proud to be a woman because I am-not because I act or feel like a woman. Finally I have a gay acquaintance who likes to put on nail polish. Doesn’t make him a female. We are doing so much damage to the current generation without realizing it.


      • I would like to see a database compiled on health of trans including those that are also handicapped. Unfortunately the media ignore people with disablilities. There is a lot of guesswork involved as to which hormone therapy might be safer or more effective.
        I felt more comfortable on an injectionable estradiol only regimen until I suffered a knee injury. Apparently unopposed estrogens soften the cartilage which accelerates cartilage breakdown. However that can’t be known without a large sample size. The same is true of cancer risk. FTM’s may be increasing their risk of heart disease but that can’t be known without long term follow up and of course a large sample size.


  2. Also I may look like an idiot who missed an article or two here about trans forcing kids to have hormone therapies, but what whppened was I skipped straight down to the comments to express an over due rant on the trans attitude. I thought I should say this before I get people who thinks its helpful to point to me where the articles are and seeing it as an opportunity to insult me about it.

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    • To the best of my knowledge the kids that you are referring to are not forced on hormone therapy. Granted the information that they are given about the hormones that they are on have long term effect that are not completely known. That’s why I would like to see the database that I mentioned above created.


  3. It’s disturbing to think that adults are allowing these young adults/children to make decisions that are going to affect the rest of their lives. The kids should know better, but the adults DO know better. Not to mention no one seems to be investigating the impact of these social networking platforms (where they seem to get the bulk of their information from which in and of itself is dangerous,) and how they shape individual decisions to participate in this sexist and archaic nonsense.


  4. therapists are trained to sell psychotropics and other drugs and are one of the driving forces behind the transgendering of children. These children don’t need a therapist, they need an educational program addressing media literacy, gender roles, and political activism.


  5. Let me just clear one thing up, psychiatrists only stop/slow the process of obtaining hormones for people when they show extreme personality disorders or something like extreme depression or anxiety, bipolar etc. I happened to be lucky to get 2 psych appointments in a row and get it done really fast, but i still spent a good 2.5 hours explaining myself and answering his questions. He is the best in Canberra and he has seen many people going through the same thing as me, so he was able to understand that my judgement wasn’t clouded. He picked up on a bit of social anxiety and said it is something i will have to monitor whilst ON testosterone, but it isn’t a factor which will stop me from getting HRT as soon as possible.

    The writer doesn’t seem to understand that transgender people’s need for the process, and for it to be quick, is very vital. I understand the concern about young people under 18 making this choice too early without really looking into it, but I am an 18 year old man who has researched to no end about this, seen counsellors for years, weighed up risks, benefits, everything.

    The stats show something like 99% of trans people don’t regret it anyway, and any psych could be able to tell if someone was doing it off a whim.


    • Most psychiatrists wouldn’t consider a two hour appointment where you explained yourself and answered questions to be enough to diagnose most personality disorders. Most psych professionals know that people with PDs are good at disguising them and being charming and manipulative. what we’re seeing here is Gender Identity Disorder being treated differently than if you’d come in for, say, anxiety–where I will assure you that many psychologists and therapists would spend several sessions ruling out other issues first.


    • Also, 99% is a dramatic exaggeration of how many people do not regret these surgeries and hormones. Following people for only a few years and then reporting regret does not cover the lifespan. Several doctors have noted that many MTFs experience tremendous depression 10+ years post-transition. The suicide rate remains high post-transition.


    • How in the world are you getting it “quick” if you’ve known you were transgendered all your life and you don’t decide to ask for it until you’re in your teens or worse, your sixties? If a 16yo can live without hormones for the first 16 years of their life then they can live without them forever, and if they’ve suddenly decided they can’t, that’s cause for a psychiatric intervention–to get to the bottom of their so-called dysphoria, NOT to give them hormones.

      And before you say “puberty” I will see you and raise you one “most kids have been through at least some puberty-related changes by the time they’re sixteen. And what about these six-year-olds who ‘know’ they’re trans?”

      NONE of this bullshit makes any sense. NONE of it.

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  6. **How does someone know they’re transgender and will they later regret the decision to transition?**

    This is a fair question. It has been known that after spending a few years as the opposite gender, a number of adults regret it and decide to detransition. This rate of adult regret is very small though. This study places it at 2.2%:


    This study puts the regret rate at 1.2% (2/162):


    This study places it at 1-2%


    So a regret rate at around 1.6% for adults is very acceptable. Every adult is informed of the risks involved and they can decide for themselves if they wish to transition.


  7. I imagine in my mind a giant conveyer belt Teen with problem —->DOCTOR $$—->Psych $$—->Meds $$$—-> surgery $$$$—-LIFE TIME dependence on drugs $$$$$. It’s like they have this system and a bell rings every time a “trans” is “diagnosed”. The bell ringing means hundreds of thousands of dollar for Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex as another individual falls off the conveyer belt.


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