It’s a girl’s dick

Remember when people talked about sex and gender being different, and that you could be male but identify as a woman, for example? Well, this is now outdated, apparently.


Talking about “biological sex”is transphobic:

While it is true that gender and sex are different things, and that gender is indeed a social construct, sex isn’t the Ultimate Biological Reality that transphobes make it out to be. There’s nothing intrinsically male about XY chromosomes, testosterone, body hair, muscle mass or penises. If an alien civilization found earth, they wouldn’t look at a person with a penis and say “Oh, that must be a male, sex based on genitalia is the One Universal Constant.” Sex, like gender, is indeed socially constructed and can be changed.

sex and gender are the same
Sex and gender are the exact same according to this blog

What is the consequence of this view? Well, being homosexual no longer has any meaning, for one, as seen by the screenshots below:

vagina sex is gay
Two vaginas make gay male sex
genitals are irrelevant
Genitals are completely irrelevant
female penis 1
Penises are female

In a community on reddit for lesbians, a poster reminds everyone that penises can be “girly”:


The original post was since removed, but the coments can still be seen


“I don’t have a dick, a cock. What I have is soft, delicate, and pretty, It’s as sensitive as a cis woman’s clit. It’s a girl’s dick. [I]f you are on teh fence, if you don’t know if you could, I can show you it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced,” this person writes.

Below are more examples of transactivists being enraged that some people have preferences that do not include them:

being a lesbian is hate speech
Being a lesbian is hate speech
cotton ceiling 7
Having sexual preferences is violent dehumanization
you need to be attracted to penises
If you aren’t attracted to penises, you need to change


cotton ceiling 8
Lesbians having “the fucking nerve” to say that they don’t like dick


cotton ceiling 13
Being attracted to genitals is “a fetish”
cotton ceiling 10
Open yourselves up to trans women!

Comedian Avery Edison writes at length about how it is hurtful when lesbians don’t want penis inside them:

Look, it’s not like I require the women I date to be cool with having my dick inside them. In fact, I’m fine if that never happens. But being shut off from the very idea of it, not even considering that having my penis inside you is different from having a man’s penis inside you? That hurts. It’s such tiny slight that I wish I could get over it, and not let it fester into something I feel the need to write an essay about, but apparently I can’t.


The Cambridge University Students’ Union LGBT group has an, an on it we find answers like this: (archive)

I’m going to take a not-too-far leap and assume you’re talking about being attracted, or not attracted, to certain genitalia. If so, examine your thought processes. When you see someone presenting feminine, does your mind immediately jump to what genitals they have before you consider whether or not you find them attractive? Or do you simply presume, based on other physical characteristics (what might be termed ‘secondary sex characteristics’)? If the latter, that’s a cissexist presumption. Sure, we all do it. But we need to make sure we think twice.


Also: I’m sure you personally aren’t violently transmisogynistic, but the same things that lead you to ask these questions are the things that lead to trans women’s deaths. This sexuality related disgust is shared by men who treat trans women (especially trans women of colour) as sex objects. This disgust is by far the most common cause of their brutal murders.

In this thread, a woman is agonizing because she doesn’t like penises, but at the same time she doesn’t want to be a bigot:

I often say things like “thank god I’m a lesbian, no unplanned babies for me” and I’m occasionally reminded that some girls are able to get other girls pregnant. I’m usually taken back and ashamed that I said what ever I did. That being said, I would never date a person with a penis, regardless of gender. I don’t think of trans women with penises as less of a woman, I just…. can’t.


This is one of the replies:

Im not mad but you are cissexist
Not liking penis is “disturbing”

In another thread, the commenter below expresses the sentiment that “lezzies” are “fucked up”, presumably for not being in a relationship with him:

lesbians are fucked up

The cotton ceiling” is a term used by transactivists to describe the difficulties transpeople have with getting people to be in sexual relationships with them.

a term porn actress Drew DeVaux and other queer trans women are using to challenge cis lesbians’ tendency to support trans causes generally but draw the line at sleeping with trans women or including trans lesbians in their sexual communities.

Is is further explained here:

The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.

More examples of cotton ceiling can be found here:

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  1. I don’t know what to say. This hurts to read. (The “penises can be girly” post possibly being the most skin-crawlingly disturbing and—for me—dysphoria inducing, but the rest of the cotton ceiling stuff comes pretty close. You’re a brave soul for reading through all this, transgenderreality!)

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  2. Wow. That was positively mind-bending. I’m finding myself wondering about all the weird scenarios that could happen should one of these people need medical attention. Would a suggestion for a prostrate exam be transphobic? Or would they simply try to logic their delusions by saying, “I have a girly prostrate — ergo I’m a girl!”
    They’re saying gay orientation isn’t really real. I can’t believe they haven’t been officially disowned yet by LBG organizations. All the autos are just pornsick, delusional, straight white boys offensively appropriating minority status based on a fetish.

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    • you know girls have prostates too??

      and when on HRT,, the prostate of amab people will shrink to the same size as a cis-girls?


      • You are speaking of the skene gland, and though it is slightly similar in position it is NOT similar in function. The prostate helps push sperm into the urethra, the skene produces antimicrobials to keep the female urinary tract from being infected. Your comment that women have a prostate gland, when the skene gland has a whole other function, is like saying women have testes because testes are formed from labia – sheesh… Just because a lump of flesh has similar beginnings it does NOT mean they have the same end. A human’s arm is NOT a butterfly’s wing simply because they started as limbs…

        I’m a female – a real one. I find men attempting to relabel my parts to satiate their delusions ridiculous. I read all the time trannies writing long treatsies about how they have “female orgasms” because they stimulate their prostate. Fucking yourself in the ass is NO WHERE NEAR having your entire pelvic floor contracting – men can NEVER know what that’s it like because they are missing a fist sized muscle mass – the uterus. Knock it off already – my gestating life and giving birth is not anywhere near comparable to ANY experience you will EVER have masturbating while wearing a skirt ya fucking autogynephilliac.

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  3. I seem to have written a novel-length comment. Sorry to do that but the stuff really burns my butt.

    1) it’s quite clear that the people with the “girl dick” jazz and sex and gender are the same thing and sex is socially constructed crap are university student type people attempting to fit in with and even one up each other on The Super Unusual Stuff We Are Willing to Believe! It’s a game with them. And also they’re the kind of people on university campuses who have no direction. They aren’t careerists but they’re not political activists either. The political activists who over the last 50 years have completely transformed the world did it like it was a job. These people are doing whatever they’re doing like it’s a bunch of drunk philosophy majors having a competitive confab.

    2) I think DeVeau’s illiteracy deserves it’s own point. He describes a person who is supposedly only willing to have sex with white,thin, able bodied women, but then calls that a “hate crime”. Showing he has no fucking idea what a hate crime is. Stop and think about that for a minute. If you met somebody say a friend of a friend and you’re talking to them and it became apparent that they didn’t know what a hate crime was you would think this was a pretty illiterate person. That’s what we got here.

    3) lately when I think about the whole trans thing I keep coming back to this is not a political movement. It’s a pretend political movement. Real political movements don’t go out of their way to create enemies by engaging in public vitriol at the drop of a hat. Real political movements have never involved calling people bigots because they wouldn’t fuck you. Or wouldn’t date you. I mean that’s just nutty. Political movements that go to legislatures and lobby them to change laws cannot successfully go do that, can’t even get appointments with the legislators, if most of their “activism” has been writing on Twitter about how people are bad because they won’t fuck them. FFS. Unlike a real political movement these people have absolutely zero interest in framing what it is they want in terms of equality rights. Which is how everybody else does it. What these folks do instead, behaving as if they were in the power position, is engage in McCarthyism by calling everybody who disagrees with them transphobic. Think about that. People who disagree with their mangling of high school level biology are now “transphobic” bigots. Here’s the thing, a bigot is someone who is happy and full of hatred. They’re all kinds of people who are prejudiced but not bigots. People with weird stereotyped ideas in their heads. But not bigots. Bigots are special angry creepy dangerous weirdos. And these transactivists are calling people bigot’s because they refused to agree with something that is a self-consciously elaborately weird postmodern bunch of fakologist garbage about what first gender and now sex “really are”. They make up crazy stuff that is stupid, and then you disagree with it as anybody’s gonna, and you’re a bigot. They are gaslighting assholes but when they do that I don’t even think they’re aware of how far this is from the normal activities of political activism. They are truly truly weird people.

    4) burnsbabe is just like the high school boyfriend who says if you don’t give him a blowjob in his car since he has an erection that you “caused” he will die. Or at least till be very very uncomfortable physically and that is your fault. And you’re a terrible person for not doing sex on him. That burnsbabe is clever with words does not change the basic dynamic. In the first screenshot shown he seems like he’s a confused bozo who may be a reasonably nice person. But the second one shows he’s just another horny guy who wants women to take orders from him.

    Holy macaroni. In the future when people learn about this after it’s all over and done with, and once the balloon bursts and the mainstream media starts reporting on how weird and riddled with made up fake facts this whole phenomenon is it’ll end quick, the future people will not believe this kind of shit went on. That institutions like the gay organization at Cambridge University would allow crap like that. And not just simply take it down and ban those people. On the grounds that they are weird manipulative quietly bullying abusive type people. And the University organizations should not aid them in their emotional abuse of others. it’s actually quite simple to understand, if you don’t predicate every thought and feeling you have on the idea that you’re going to work super hard to not be prejudiced and allow basically random people to tell you that you are prejudiced. Random because transgender and nonbinary can be absolutely anything. It’s not like listening to a Black person who tells you that your head is full of crappy stereotypes that you didn’t even intentionally want. But that’s what these manipulative bastards are mimicking.

    Thanks for bringing us this horrifying crap Transgenderreality. 😕 Else we would not know. 😮

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  4. Those comments make me want to puke. Those are the comments of rapists who think that sex is an entitlement rather than a privilege shared with someone who CONSENTS. What a bunch of misogynist troglodytes.

    “open yourself up to transwomen” is basically telling lesbians to spread their legs.

    There are not enough FUs in the world to give these rapist men.

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  5. This is getting so ridiculous. I’ve even heard some transpeople saying they call their genitals by the name used for the genitals of the opposite sex. I can only imagine how confused a doctor would be to hear someone describing a problem with that part of the body, only to discover that’s an entirely different body part than expected. I’ve also heard someone insisting that famous line from Kindergarten Cop is no longer accurate, since “medical science has evolved.” In what universe has medical science evolved to the point where a woman would have a penis?

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  6. Trans people who feel this way need help. They need a shitload of therapy to see if they CAN reconcile with reality. If they cannot reconcile with reality AND be trans, then they are far more pathological than we think.

    Normal people CARE whether or not the object of their affection WANTS to be with them sexually. Healthy people do not want forced attraction/coercion. Because most people care that there is mutual attraction and mutual satisfaction.

    But you know who doesn’t care? Rapists do not. Men who see women as sexual objects do not. Pedophiles and all paraphilic males do not. Sexual predators do not. They dont care if they have to lie, threaten, trick, or otherwise deceive in order to gain sexual access.

    And the reason they don’t care is because they are sexual deviants. They need to get off and they give less than a fuck who is hurt, harmed, or destroyed by it.

    Do transwomen who demand sexual access to lesbians care how lesbians feel about penises? No. Do they care that lesbians are not sexually attracted to males? No. Do they beleive lesbians have right to refuse sex with penises? No. Do they manipulate lesbians (and everyone else) by saying shit like the above? Yes. Do they care whether or not the the lesbian women they coerce into sex actually want penises inside them? No. They do not.

    Done, done, and done.

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  7. These people are confusing sex orientation with romantic orientation. Yes, a lesbian can fall in love with a trans woman and still be a lesbian, because they’re both women. But wanting to have sex with a penis isn’t a requirement. If they do love each other, maybe they can work it out, or it may be a sex-less relationship. But, not everybody is open to a sex-less relationship, nor should they be expected to. Some lesbians like dick, some don’t. Sure, it makes dating as a trans lesbian a little harder than as a cis lesbian, but that’s just life.

    To a trans woman: you didn’t choose to have your penis, and you probably don’t like it. Why should other lesbians who didn’t choose for you to have a penis be forced to like it?


    • Actually, no, lesbians don’t like dick, “Lissa.” If that were the case, the word lesbian wouldn’t mean anything, would it?

      Gosh, you’re really making the rounds, huh, bro?

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      • Well, lesbians like women, and whether or not a lesbian can like dick depends on whether the definition of a woman allows for women to have dicks. I suppose you could call a woman only attracted to cis and trans women a sorta-bisexual, if that’s how you’re defining things.

        At any rate, if a lesbian fell in love with a trans woman before penis status was disclosed, does she no longer count as a lesbian? Like, even though after disclosure, she definitely doesn’t wanna have sex with the person, that love isn’t gonna disappear with the sexual attraction.

        And yes, mortadella, like you, I’ve found a few communities I think are worth my time participating in.


        • **chuckle** Oh, “Lissa,” do fuck off. Lesbians don’t need your weirdo illogic to define themselves. Only a sexist, pornsick man would presume he had the right to.

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        • @Mortadella: I assume you’re saying I’m claiming “the right to” define what “lesbian” means? I don’t claim that. I do use the word, and when I use it, I do generally have a certain definition in my head (otherwise, I’d be using words with no sense of meaning!). However, as you can see from my own comments, I’m definitely willing for the sake of discussion to use a different definition of lesbian to better fit the conversation.

          I would say the only person with “the right to” define what a lesbian is, is someone who identifies as a lesbian. I think you might disagree, tho. If a person is a woman, and claims to be attracted only to cis and trans women, would you deny them “the right” to identify themselves as lesbian? If so, wouldn’t you be presuming you have the right to define lesbians?


        • Lesbians are sexually, romantically and emotionally attracted to bio females exclusively. Transwomen cannot be lesbian nor are women that are attracted to transwomen. Words and orientations have defined scientific and legal meanings. Create your own new words.


      • I am a gay girl and I’m semi-ok with dicks. 100% homo-romantic (why I say I’m a lesbian), but fairly homo-flexible on the genitals part. I can fuck someone with a dick and enjoy it, but in general I prefer vaginas.


      • Lol is this in response to my comment starting with “I assume you’re saying…”? If so, you, ah, you didn’t exactly address anything I said, lol. I mean, I suppose you called it all shit, but I don’t know how much weight that carries coming from a Mortadella who doesn’t even know what race I am, yet acts like it matters.. 😜


        • Cultural appropriation is gross. Stop it. Your posts are barely literate. Your emoticon is stupid and immature — you’re playing at gender politics and not caring actual women are being talked down to. You’re trying to ingratiate yourself at various gender critical sites in a feeble attempt to influence smart posters who know bullshit when they smell it. Also, many have done the same and have failed. You are not a unique snowflake. Gallus Mag outed you already, son. Stop LARPing already.

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        • What culture have I been appropriating here? Are you trying to bring up things I’ve said in other communities and other conversations, or am I appropriating a culture in this comment thread? I’m sorry you don’t feel my command of English is adequate; I do my best. I don’t think I talk down to people in general. I have talked down to you, though, lol, because you weren’t making much sense. I don’t really take the gender of someone into consideration when I talk down; I talk down to men and women equally.

          I don’t think I’m ingratiating myself. I do take a dramatically different tone on these GC sites than the tone I have with my friends, but it’s because I’m trying to demonstrate my good faith, since I know I’m in a class of people that aren’t generally respected on these sites. My intentions aren’t so one-sided as you imply, either. I’m here to understand and be understood, not to make other people change their beliefs.

          Gallus mag “outted” me by going to my post on this very site where I self-identified my own Reddit account. Not much of an outing. I’m openly trans online, and aware of and okay with the fact that my comments here and in other GC sites are seen as those of a man. I would think that my comments carry the same weight, since men and women should be taken seriously equally.


        • Hey Lissa, maybe you’ll listen to another trans person? In my view you are not ‘demonstrating good faith’ in the slightest. A lot of people have already dismissed you as a troll; I give you the benefit of the doubt just because I see the alternative possibility that you’re just really clueless/male-privileged and have never really experienced misogyny or transphobia. Sorry if this is too harsh, no offence!! but you should be aware that’s how you are coming across, and not just to “TERFs” or whatever—to everyone as far as i can tell.

          If you’re really interested in understanding, I suggest reading and not commenting. For, let’s say, six months—iirc that’s about how long it was from when I started reading women’s lib blogs to when I made my first comments on them. In that period I’d often come across things I initially found objectionable, weird or transphobic. But I found that further reading of that person’s writing, or that of people they admired/linked to, would often make clear why those things were that way and sometimes had to be that way—often I would have to revise my own views, sometimes I would disagree but at least find their views logical and comprehensible. I think there’s only about three radfems about whom I eventually concluded “ok, this person really is (illogically) transphobic, I won’t interact with them”. At no point would commenting ever have helped me understand anything. Listening, receptively and with efforts at empathy, helped the most. (Also, classic radical feminist writers like Dworkin & Lorde & Raymond & etc)

          The thing about making yourself understood is that… we understand. I mean almost every radfem/rad sympathiser was formerly a liberal feminist and supporter of trans ideology, until one day the ideology crossed one of their boundaries. Most of the people you’ll find on these blogs were deeply involved as trans allies (or trans community members in some cases) and many still have trans friends/acquaintances. What would help more than trying to ‘be understood’ is perhaps trying to find ways that the trans community could be made into a healthier environment (both for the people involved in it, and for the natal women who have to deal with it). This is another reason I suggest just listening instead of talking: correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you haven’t really transitioned yet and are basically a cis man IRL for all intents and purposes. That’s not the best place to get a good perspective on transness and the trans community.

          Sorry for the novel length post everyone :<


        • Anomie, that was really meaningful, thank you. It’s a shame I’m sure a lot of people will say, “wow, he wouldn’t listen to women, but now a trans person speaks up and he listens! Men only care about men, amirite!?”.

          But in reality, you were the first to actually engage with what I’ve said, instead of just saying “lol, look, a trans-wannabe troll whose ideas are dumb, we won’t explain why, but they just are dumb!”

          You pointed out what I was probably in denial about: my attempts to demonstrate good faith are falling flat, and that probably does mean I’m doing something wrong. I have already started to get a better idea of how some of these bloggers think, and it has been impacting my own ideas. For example, I’m not sure whether or not I believe in the idea of boy-brain girl-brain anymore. However, I agree with you that the majority of my reflection has come from content in the OP, and comments not directed at me.

          I also didn’t think of the possibility that most people like this started supporting trans. I kinda imagined they were just transphobic people who found feminism, but hold of to their transphobia, like a homophobic feminist, or something. I know a lot of my feelings that I’m not understood come from reading an OP that seems to describe all trans people in a way that doesn’t describe me.

          You’re right, to the external world, excluding close real life friends, I’m just a cis man dabbling in gender non-conformity. Living in seriously heteronormative environments, I already get some flak for the small things. I am planning on coming out to my grandma this month when I see her, and I’m really scared cause she basically raised me, and she loves me, but with her beliefs, I know she’ll think I’m trying to be a monster, and she’ll feel so crushingly sad and disappointed that her little Jimmy wants to be one of “them.” … All that to say yes, I think there are levels of transphobia and misogyny that I’ve never experienced, and still won’t for at least the next year or so before I actually begin transition. Perhaps you’re also right that until I live that life, I’m not in the place to say, “yeah, well I’m trans, and here’s how I see it.”

          You’re calling for a more patient, less interactive form of engagement with the radfem community, and I think you’re right. It may be less fun to only read, and when I have discrepancies, silently deal with them, but I think you’re right that my current commenting habits are really unproductive, and, in the words of Gallus Mag, I “should really just shut up now”.

          Thank you for helping me see this stuff.

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    • YOU are confusing the material reality of womanhood with an adherence to “feminine sterotypes”.

      Woman isn’t an identity, it’s a BIOLOGY CATEGORY, and no dick owner gets to redefine that word without being told by real women like myself, to fuck off!

      Your narcissistic attempt to gas light women into pretending biology isnt real so you can get a boner from the emasculation your submissive ass feels is disgusting!

      Your lipstick fetish is in NO way quantifiable to womanhood as my giving birth three times and your audacity to even try is fucking ridiculous.

      I don’t let little girls preach to me about what womanhood is, so why the hell would I listen to a GUY preach? Have you lost your fucking mind?! You don’t see how LUDICROUS you are being?

      Unless you were born with ovaries you are NOT and will NEVER be a female. Unless you reached maturation in a female body, you will NEVER be a woman. Unless you are born with ovaries and are exclusively attracted to fellow females, you will NEVER be a lesbian. These words have lexical, concrete, definitions that are NOT up for fucking debate.

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    • Males who dress in what is considered conventionally “feminine” are not women – they are simply males who dress feminine.

      Lesbians are homosexual – by definition they do not like dick, they only have sex/feel romantic attraction to fellow females.

      Females are defined by the ability to produce ova gametes. Males can never obtain this production ability no matter how many surgeries or hormones they take. They will always be male, forever. They can never be women and they can certainly never be lesbians, ever.


  8. Why don’t you go to the media with this site? Do you have Facebook and twitter pages? You need to get as many people as possible to see this. I tried telling this to the people at Gender Trender (a similar site I’m sure you’re familiar with), but they didn’t want to listen to me because I was a guy. It was like they were more interested in squatting in the corner mumbling about trans people than actually getting the truth out.

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    • I think the first step to getting this site to the media would be cleaning up the quality. I see a lot of quotes where the blogger takes things out of context, and even blatantly ignores some things people say. They also seem to cherry-pick the more radical things some trans people say, and avoid showing that reasonable trans people exist. I think the media would see right through that, and so this site in its current state wouldn’t really make a difference.


    • The media isn’t interested in gender criticism. The media is interested in maintaining the status quos and increasing its advertising profits. There is NO money to be made in people bucking gender expectations: abandoning cosmetics, diets, surgeries, wardrobes, therapies and hormone regiments. The media is VERY interested in making people extremely uncomfortable in their body so they endlessly consume products to achieve the forever unattainable goal.


  9. I think this site is doing a wonderful job so far, thank you!

    I was born Intersex, but was assigned male at birth. I’m not to sure yet, what was done to be at birth, but I hope to find out.

    The funny thing is, since I didn’t know about my condition (Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome), I had a more female puberty in my teens years, just not enough to take me through a full female puberty thou. I started transitioning over two years ago, and found out about being Intersex, almost a year ago. And now, I’m finding out, that I might actually have a very small vagina.

    I bring this up because, I actually do understand girls (I like boys, btw). I find it sad, that they claim they have “lady brains”, but yet don’t understand why lesbians don’t want anything to do with them. I’m reminded of a saying I heard as a child about women, and it goes like this, “Women know, what women want”. So in a way, they are clearly showing that they are not in fact lesbians or women.

    Sadly, it was the “heterosexual transsexuals/transgender” when I was young that scared me away from transitioning in the first place. I tried to play it “straight”, and thank God, I never dated anyone yet.

    Sadly, I was part of the transgender community for a while, but found I couldn’t relate to them. I never had the puberty they did. And once I really got to know them, it was really sad. I mean, I sorry, but if your already “lady brained”, then why do you have to learn how to act like a female.


    • “I started transitioning over two years ago, and found out about being Intersex, almost a year ago.”

      Your parents didn’t tell you that you are intersex? Oo
      And you don’t even know now what they did to you at birth? Creepy.

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      • It seams like they didn’t know. I even asked them if I had any kind of corrective surgery, and they both said no. But I’ve found scars where there shouldn’t be scars. And I don’t know all that was done to me. And I never noticed my body much ether, because we had to cover ourselves, because of church. I think most people thought I was a transboy, maybe?

        I ended up being 5.6, and I kind of remotely look like an over weight, albino Kim Petras (she was actually the first transsexual I could identify with, and it got me started into looking into transitioning.).

        The sad thing is, finding out about all of this, really makes me feel violated, and confused. And I don’t know why any of my doctors said anything, because most cases of PAIS you HAVE to choose to be a boy or a girl, because we need external hormones to stay healthy and mature. I believe that unless it poses sudden death, a doctor should never touch a baby’s body. They should have no right to do anything, even if they parents make a choice. Because sure, most of the time it might work out, but like in my case it didn’t, and my mom was to drunk or wrapped in church to notice.


  10. ‘@Mortadella: I assume you’re saying I’m claiming “the right to” define what “lesbian” means? I don’t claim that. I do use the word, and when I use it, I do generally have a certain definition in my head (otherwise, I’d be using words with no sense of meaning!).’

    Words have meaning. Women, and lesbian women, are real people. The female kind. The end. Or it should be, but it never is, because men like you never stop wallowing in their own sickness.

    So. Nobody here cares about the contents of your sick head, you dumb, narcissistic, abusive man who calls himself “Lissa.”

    Everything you say has been said a zillion times before, and it’s not getting any better with age. It’s still the product of a male mind soaked in a brine of woman-hating pornography; it’s still shit. Irrational, illogical, male-supremacist shit. It’s also boring.

    The only reason women talk back at you defensively, instead of merely pointing and laughing at your sexual incontinence, is because the male-supremacist shit you’re continually parroting (that is, the propaganda created by your transgendered brothers), as if it were original to your stupid head, actively harms us, and our daughters.

    If you and your brothers hadn’t fooled the wider society into feeling sorry for pathetic, infantile men who like to play pretend and dress-up in lady/little girl garb; If you didn’t insist on playing out your fantasies full time, and demand legal protections so you can do it in public; if liberal society weren’t so keen to protect men’s sexual impulses and perversions, placing the godly erection well above the privacy, dignity, humanity and safety of women and children; if you and yours were officially recognized as having disordered characters … well, we wouldn’t worry too much about what you abusers were doing to each other in your fetish clubhouses.

    Without all the social tolerance you receive, without policies and laws to protect your precious sex-role fantasies, at the expense of women and children, you’d still be rank misogynists, of course. And we’d still be carrying on insisting that women are people, not costumes or things or walking sex-roles defined by men’s needs and wants, but at least you wouldn’t have the power you’ve been personally granted to erode the meaning of women as a class of persons deserving spaces away from men — the good, bad and the ugly of your class. You wouldn’t have the power to encourage the ruin of the bodies, minds and lives of children and teens.

    Do you know where you got that power from, “Lissa”? Just from being male. It’s an illegitimate power, undeserved and immoral. Yet, look: even the most worthless male gets a piece of this action. And then on top of it, starts squawking some nonsense about “equality” and how, as a man, he deserves some of that stuff, too! What? NO. SENSE. Oh, how I wish you and your trasngenderist brothers could hear just a fraction of your own malicious idiocy. You’d feel such disgust with yourself, you’d have to creep away to deal with your shame, and leave all women and children in peace.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Once again, more proof that men are not women and are especially not lesbians! Do you know any actual lesbians or other women who behave this way? I doubt it.

    These dudes just live in a delusional fantasy land and watch too much “lesbian” porn. Don’t feel bad for them! Feel bad for all the lesbians that they have victimized. Coercing someone into having sex with you is rape!


  12. Everyone here is so…enthusiastic, I just found this page cos I was called a transphobe for stating I don’t like penises whether it’s on a man, a woman, none or both or someone else. It is a right to have preferences and I shall not apologize for it, if other people want to engage in this, they are totally entitled to, but please do not go and tell me, a lesbian, that I should be open to have sex with someone whose genitals I do not like and no, I’m not a vagina fetishist or anything, I’d not date a trans man who had a vagina cos he identifies as male.
    I like women who have vaginas and clitorises and all that , all I ask is for people not to come and call me a bigot.


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