A magical pill to bypass suffering: how teens are persuaded to start transition

As ever on  reddit communities for transgendered people, young teens uncertain about themselves post, and these young teens are overwhelmingly told to start taking hormones in order to try to make their bodies resemble the oppsisite sex.

A 14 year old boy posts: “I think that I might be trans and am unsure about what to do and I need some advice.” There are two replies, none of which try to get this child to reflect on what he means by “being male”, or why he might be uncomfortable with puberty.

your body is in prime shape for transition
“Your body is in prime shape for transition”

No, instead they tell him that his body is in prime shape for transition! Implied of course, that it will not stay in prime shape forever. The commenter also assures the child that since he has been uneasy with the start of puberty, he will surely keep being uncomfortable with it. As if being weirded out with the start of puberty is some sign of illness, instead of being a completely normal experience.

In this post, a 15 year old child is told exactly how to obtain hormones without a prescription, including dosages. This commenter advices the kid to get prescribed the medications he wants under false pretenses. (Archive link for the entire post)

danish kid being told to obtain hormonse illegally
“High blood pressure”

Another 15 year old wants to know how to go behind his parents’ backs and obtain prescription medications illegally.

Today my parents said some things that make me unable to come out to them. The problem is Im 15 and need thier consent for treatment.

How can I get hrt without my parents consent. I know diy is dangerous, but it isn’t a choice. It’s something I need to do. The thoughts of how I’m getting more masculine each day are eating me away on the inside.

So whats the safest way to diy. Also what dosege should I use.

Some of the replies:

get on horemones now
“Get on hormones now”
almost harmless
“DIY is almost harmless”
get a PO box
More advice on how to obtain medications illegally
you need this to pass
“Pressure your mother by telling her how hard your life will be”
money and relationships
If you wait, you will lose thousands of dollars, your life will be stressful and you will have a hard time finding love
magical pill
Calling hormones “magical pills”

Yet another 15 year old, asking what the appropriate age to start hormones is. And the replies:


Another teen, this time a 17 year old, posts.

Is waiting six months going to harm my transition in any significant way, or is it a good decision to just wait half a year?

And there are plenty of replies urging him to start as soon as possible.

as soon as you canit will make a huge differencestart soon

Even though there are a few voices of dissent, the majority of the replies to these young teens tell them that they should look into hormones, and it is not difficult to get very concrete advice on how to obtain them, often illegally. Very rarely do the commenters talk about other possible explanations for the feelings these teens have.

Another young person, this one in her early twenties, asks for advice here.

I first came out in 2011 but being ‘trans’ still seems surreal to me. As a child I was mostly indifferent to gender and don’t think I understood it well, I climbed trees, played with chemistry sets and built things. The feelings began roughly after puberty, around 13, when I began developing breasts, hips and a menstrual cycle. It was at this point I was diagnosed with major depression and put on Prozac. I immediately noticed that the menstrual cycle felt un natural and it still does. I felt very uncomfortable having breasts and wore clothing to conceal them and my hips. I starved myself so that my figure was more boyish. I was jealous of guys, thinking I would feel so much happier in that body. Looking at my face, I felt extremely ugly. I felt like a dude in makeup with a face that was neither quite male or female. I also have no ‘maternal instinct’ whatsoever. I find babies sort of cute, but that’s it. I have no drive to reproduce.


My teenage years were depressing, mostly due to my distraction with my physical appearance and illness. I avoided mirrors like the plague. I also disliked my name because it’s super feminine, but feel better when people use the short form (which is masculine). I feel much more comfortable wearing clothes for men and not wearing makeup. In 2011 my GP dx’d me with GD but I still ask myself if I really am trans and I feel scared of what I’m going to do to myself. When I imagine my face and body looking masculine, I feel happier about it, and more confident. According to my digit ratios I was exposed to very high testosterone levels while I was developing as my ring finger is almost an inch longer than my index finger.

A young woman who has struggled with depression, eating disorders, and who dislikes gendered stereotypes and makeup. Conclusion: trans, must immediately undergo radical body modifications.

Some choice replies:

you can become masculine and happy

No one asks about her getting treatment for depression, or eating disorders. No one talks about how it’s possible to be a masculine woman, how it’s possible to prefer men’s clothing and no makeup even as a woman.

This is the state of many online transgendee communities. People, often adults, willing to give medical advice, telling teenagers and children that they should start this medical treatment as soon as possible, and that the consequences of not doing so is losing money, not being beautiful, having difficulties finding friends and partners. Telling them that hormones are magic pills. Never telling anyone to wait, to question their motives, to listen to their parents. It’s very frightening.


10 thoughts on “A magical pill to bypass suffering: how teens are persuaded to start transition

  1. Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    This is really a Cult that grooms kids. Abusive men get off on hurting women through their kids, and this may be part of what drives this trend. I have herd of some of these guys suggesting to teens to go into prostitution to get on hormones, but you have to archive those posts fast before they are deleted.

    I will be glad when this grooming tactic is no longer effective to trick these kids into sexual situations and they can see these are guys who look nothing like their altered photos they use for their on-line life.

    It is like men that have a fetish for the Nazi experiment of performing a sex change- with a pedo twist- on a child- pushing something they know will harm the child[and the child’s parents as well] later. These men get a strange sadistic enjoyment of influencing children to become completely focused on how they will have sex, and with which parts- like props in their fantasy. If the child was focused on a higher education, they can become distracted with one of these on-line predators. Their strategy is always the same. Isolate children from their parents, and I see they push the policy that children can’t trust their parents, especially their mother..

    Like any predator, they isolate young prey from it’s mother before they attempt to take it down.

    There was another guy in Canada, [trans activist- pedo in his 20s] that targeted a 15 year old girl that ‘thought she was trans’ and decided to run away with him. I am sure he encouraged her to run away, and got arrested for strangling her later- like we did not see that coming.. You can’t get mad at the kids, they don’t realize it is a sham that will be used by abusive men.

    The teens are even encouraged to do something they regret later to ‘fix puberty’-so they can be manipulated into not returning home after it gets bad. It is a type of domination and form of psychological control. Charlie Manson got quite a few teen followers to runaway, steal from their parents, and even kill later. No, this is not any single men, but a collective of men with fetish-driven pursuits.

    The face-book pimps definitely have competition -when man’s genderism and man’s activism is praised for promoting pedophilia and using fear to manipulate children over the protections of the child’s parents,- this may be an angry micro-aggression directed at women who are the ‘mother’. These are angry men. They encourage children to go behind their parents’ back to get drugs like lupron, and they lie and assure the child, that it is safe.

    What selfish men.

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  2. I agree. I really don’t like the posts that go, “oh, yup, based on these 5 paragraphs about yourself, you’re trans!”. Thankfully, most of these threads have someone posting, “no one can tell you if you’re trans,” and those posts get upvotes to the top. Even so, the fact that anyone thinks it’s okay to encourage young highschoolers to make illegal medical decisions behind their parent’s back is crazy. If it truly is a matter of life and death, encourage the kid to seek professional counseling for their suicidal thoughts!

    I’m in my 20s and it took months of serious introspection, and weighing other possibilities before I could say with confidence I’m trans. 14, 15-year-olds, I’d imagine are so much more confused, and should proceed with so much caution. And, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out now, I’m still gonna see a licensed professional as a safeguard before I make any permanent decisions. It’s such a big decision, so of course I’m gonna make it carefully.

    Frankly, this is a message the trans community needs. And I think if packaged compassionately, it’s a message that would be well received.

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  3. This is all making me sick. I’m completely saddened and mad that our children can be swayed by, ultimately, con-artists trying to groom them to transition and alienate them from their parents, and the mothers especially. Then teaching them how to surreptitiously obtain medications to use to transition? Without their parent’s knowledge or permission? These people should be arrested for child abuse.
    Someone please track those people, and yes, archive their material.

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