“Really, what little boy wants to be the girl lion?”

What are your earliest memories of being transgender?” is the title of a thread on an online forum for transgender people. Let’s have a look at some of the replies:

painting nails and having earrings
“Painted nails, long hair, earrings”

There are many replies like this, focusing on grooming standards.

wanting barbies
Wanting to play with barbies

Other comments focus on gendered toys.

sisters dress
Clothing preferences

Other comments mention clothes.

dolls and hair
Playing with dolls and having long hair.

Note how feeding a baby with a bottle and putting it to bed is a “mothering skill”, not a “fathering skill”. This commenter also mentions hair.

crossing your legs
Sitting with legs crossed and having an ear piercing

Crossing one’s legs is significant somehow.

playing pretend
Playing pretend games and dress-up

Being “sensitive” means being a girl.

liking a female cahracter
Liking a female cartoon character

Liking a female cartoon character is felt to be a significant indicator of trans status for a boy.

long hair
Pretending to have long hair

Long hair is mentioned again.

not fitting into male role
Not fitting into the male gender role

And finally, one commenter straight up mentions not fitting into the expected role based on sex. And the solution is to change sex, not toss aside the roles.

What were the dumbest, most obvious signs that you were trans that you still missed growing up?” is the title of another, similar post.

hair nails books
Liking “girl books”

Hair and nails are mentioned again, and “girls series” of books.

mean girls
Watching “Mean girls” and thinking “wow, being a girl would be cool”
playing dress up and liking sailor moon
Playing dress-up with cousin, liking Sailor Moon

Childhood pretend play is seen as significant, and again liking female cartoon characters is mentioned.

panty hose
Hating sports

Hating sports, and again “girls books”.

lion king
“Really, what little boy wants to be the girl lion?”

Wanting to dress up as a female character for Halloween, because “really,what little boy wanrs to be the girl lion?”. How deeply misogynist is this statement? As if female characters are so beneath regular boys that wanting to dress up as one immediately robs you of membership in the “boy” category – that’s how little this person thinks of girls.

never liking sports
Never liking sports, action figures, car toys

Another commenter feels that not liking sports means something significant.

learning to sew
Prefer playing house and dress-up

A young male child who likes dancing, playing pretend and wants to learn a craft. Why should this be something abnormal?

long list of stuff
Laundry list of stereotypes

This commenter has a long list of points, notable is wanting overalls with a truck pattern”, not wanting to be seen as a lesbian, and wanting short hair.

hair AGAIN


another long ist
Another long list of stereotypes


And finally another long list, with preferred hair length prominently featured as an important characteristic to mention when talking about being transgender.

Remember posts like these when transgender people claim that being trans is not about gender roles.

6 thoughts on ““Really, what little boy wants to be the girl lion?”

  1. Speaking of girl lions, the female lions are the ones who do all the hunting, providing and raising. The male lion’s job is to keep the other males away. Occasionally they eat one the kids but mostly they just lounge around and hang out on the periphery.

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    • I’ll never forget my ninth grade Studio Art teacher laughing about how male lions are pretty much useless, and only have that big mane of hair to try to make up for how they lay about taking care of cubs while the women are out hunting and getting food for the family.

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  2. What a relief there is a voice of sanity out there! We adopted a teenage girl 4 yrs ago. She’s 17 now, and claims she is trans – would like more info about how to deprogram her if that’s possible. Please email me and I’ll provide more info. Thanks and God Bless!


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