Lie to them to get HRT. Give them the good old narrative

Previous posts on this blog have revealed what goes on out in the open on reddit’s community “asktransgender”: Young teens being talked into going on hormones, and getting tips on how to obtain these medications illegally:

A magical pill to bypass suffering: how teens are persuaded to start transition

“You’ll be miserable and unhappy with your body for the rest of your life”

“OMFG I HAVE WAITED SO LONG”. Teen goes from questioning to taking hormones in three months

“I’ve given plenty of trans girls shots from my supply”: creepy behavior in the trans community

Today they are at it again. A 14 year old, who came out as transgender in November last year is being taken to a gender clinic and wants to get on hormones as soon as possible. (archived link)

So I’m having my appointment at a transgender clinic tomorrow, and I realized I’m sick of waiting. I just want to get on HRT asap. But I’m worried that they might make me wait longer is I say something that is not very “trans”. So should I be completely honest with them about how I feel, or give them a few of the answers they want? I mean it’s a good clinic, they understand transgender people pretty darn well, but I’m getting impatient. I just want to start HRT asap.

One person advises honesty. The rest?

shade the truth
“shade the truth a bit”
get a story ready in your head
“Get a story ready in your head”
lie if you think it will help
“lie if you think it will help”

lie to them
“Lie to the[m] to get HRT. Give them the good old narrative”
So there we have it. The kid has just turned 14, and adults are giving advice on how to act in order to get on hormones as soon as possible.

Parents whose children think they are trans: Get them off reddit. It’s toxic for them.


7 thoughts on “Lie to them to get HRT. Give them the good old narrative

  1. Does anyone ’round here have a number or listing of how many cities the genderists have targeted with bathroom bills recently?

    The spin is developing now as if we were witnessing an unprovoked wave of discriminatory laws beginning at the state level. It’d be nice if one could compare the eight states which are having to respond to provocative city laws with the number of cities which are active or pending targets for trans activists.


  2. I’m a blogger over at I would like to be in touch with the owner of this site regarding a project we are doing. Would you please email me? Thank you.


  3. The unbelievable reality has hit Fort Worth Texas. Check this out:

    From page 6:

    “Student Transitions
    In most cases, transition is a very private matter. Students may choose whether or not to have their parent participate in this process. In fact, notifying a parent or guardian carries risks for the student in some cases. School personnel must consider the health, well-being and safety of the transitioning student.

    “When appropriate, schools should work closely with a student and family in devising a plan regarding the confidentiality of the student’s transgender status.

    “Prior to notifying any parent or guardian regarding the student’s gender identity or any potential transition process, school personnel must work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent or guardian has been or will be involved in the process”

    From page 3

    “Reporting procedures:
    Student Report:
    Any student who believes that he or she has experienced prohibited conduct or believes that another student as experience prohibited conduct should immediately report the alleged acts to the teacher, counselor, principal, other District employee or the appropriate District official listed in this policy.

    Employee Report:
    Any district employee who suspects or receives notice that a student or group of students have or may have experienced prohibited conduct by an employee shall immediately notify the appropriate District official listed in the policy and take any other steps required by this policy.

    From page 4

    General Guidelines:
    The District requires all personnel to acknowledge the gender identity that each student consistently and uniformly asserts. No medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment is required in order to have a student’s gender identity recognized and respected. …………….

    The District expressly prohibits any personnel from engaging in, encouraging, or failing to report discrimination or harassment based on sex, ………..


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