“I hide my meds in my saxophone case” – self medding advice to minors

On reddit, a website where kids as young as 13 are allowed, and many are even younger, anonymous people, often adults, give minors tips on how to obtain prescription-only medication illegally, and hide it from their parents.

In this post, a 15 year old asks for advice, saying that “I have came out to my mom and she does not support me and thinks I should just stay how I was born.”

estrogen is cheap
“estradiol is pretty cheap”

“Estradiol is pretty cheap,” chimes in a 44 year old adult, and provides a link to various online pharmacies where this medication can be bought. Estradiol is a medication that can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, if you smoke, or if you are overweight. It is also recommended to get blood tests and physical check-ups while taking this medication, none of which a 15 year old would necessarily have access to.

In this post, reddit users are giving tips to minors on how to hide from their parents that they are taking DIY hormones (“do it yourself”, meaning without a prescription) (archived post)

DIY tips
tips for minors who wish to take prescription medications behind their parents’ backs

The advice comes complete with dosage advice.

In this post, a 16 year old is uncertain about starting hormones:

I am 16 and not getting any younger. I would rather get hormones sooner than later if I’m going to get them at all, and I don’t feel equipped to make that decision at 16. However, I am worried that I won’t be able to make the decision until post-puberty, which would be disadvantageous.

What is the way out of this dilemma?

One of the replies is this:

why not

“Why would you not be equipped to make that decision at 16?” this poster asks, and continues:

you wont regret it
“It’s almost completely certain you won’t regret it”

Another poster chimes in:

youll pass worse
“you’ll pass worse”

Finally, the poster is convinced:

getting aas
“I’m going to go bother some people about AAs”

The commenters have successfully convinced this young teen to get anti-androgens. The most common one is spirolactone, which can have side effects like  uneven heart rate, severe skin reactions, numbness, muscle weakness, vomiting, shallow breathing and confusion.

13 thoughts on ““I hide my meds in my saxophone case” – self medding advice to minors

  1. This idea that “doing nothing” (meaning, not going on “puberty blockers” and just letting the body do what it’s gonna do) is equivalent to “being on HRT” (“hormone replacement therapy”) is gaining traction. The poster you quote who tells a young boy that he’s taking the equivalent of two testosterone injections a month is just one example.

    The rhetorical trick is to reframe the decision such that deciding to pursue medical transition (starting with “puberty blockers”) is no longer any more of an active decision than doing nothing, because doing nothing is actually “taking hormones” and “choosing puberty” too. The decision is reframed to make the “neutral” position be going on “puberty blockers” to supposedly gain time to decide.

    …as if going through puberty should be something that every individual chooses the direction of deliberately. Never mind that these “puberty blockers” are a pretty radical medical intervention with serious potential side effects, not to mention expensive.

    They will say, “if 16 is too young to decide to go on estrogen, how is it not too young to decide to “go on” testosterone?” as if the two things are in any way equivalent.

    People who talk about reframing the discussion this way often talk about “The Null HypotheCis.” They recommend that questioners read it and begin to think of the decision to go on “puberty blockers” and then cross-sex hormones as just a parallel decision to a “decision” to “choose” the body’s originally programmed puberty. The idea is, we shouldn’t assume most people will be “cis!” Puberty is now something you have to choose.

    You can read for yourself about “The Null HypotheCis” here, on a blog by one Natalie Reed, a transgender activist:


    Cis is treated as the null hypothesis. It doesn’t require any evidence. It’s just the assumed given. All suspects are presumed cisgender until proven guilty of transsexuality in a court of painful self-exploration. But this isn’t a viable, logical, “skeptical” way to approach the situation. In fact it’s not a case of a hypothesis being weighed against a null hypothesis (like “there’s a flying teapot orbiting the Earth” vs. “there is no flying teapot orbiting the Earth”), it is simply two competing hypotheses. Two hypotheses that should be held to equal standards and their likelihood weighed against one another.

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    • The idea that puberty should be a process that requires active consent rather than something that “just happens” is an idea I love, but at the same time…. with what we have currently, that’s not exactly how it plays out. (Used to love that essay; not so much anymore, lmao.) Reed presents it as though there are two possibilities with risks that have to be weighed—natal puberty with a risk of life-threatening mental illness, or opposite-sex puberty with a risk of life-threatening complications and side effects—and that the “baseline” in fact is, or should be, no puberty whatsoever, until the person is of age and able to decide on such things, or whatever.

      The thing is that puberty blockers at the moment also have their own set of life-threatening complications that are a potential risk. So in that respect, there is no risk-neutral choice—natal puberty is risky, opposite-sex puberty is risky, puberty blocking is risky, and it becomes an exercise in trade-offs and risk management. And all this is being done to someone who is quite frankly too young to make life-changing decisions like that. I’d accept the hypothesis if there was a method of puberty blocking that had negligible bad effects on health, but as it is it can’t be implemented in reality.

      That said, given that the changes caused by puberty are extremely far-reaching, irreversible, and (potentially) highly destructive, I don’t see why people shouldn’t have to consent to it if it ever becomes possible to develop a puberty blocker with no/negligible health risks. We require not only consent but years of therapy and psychiatric evaluations for people who just want cosmetic surgeries that, by comparison, do basically nothing to the body. We require consent for like… getting piercings. Puberty is one of the biggest body modifications of all, and unlike the other growth periods during a person’s life it occurs while the person is sentient, capable of decision-making, and significantly closer to adulthood. I mean obviously there’d have to be a process because we can’t exactly take what a 12 year old says at face value, but like… we can even less take a 4 year old at face value much less a 12 week old embryo or whatever >_>. The current situation is just a bad one all around because at the moment we have to take that 12 year old at face value, simply because waiting a few years could potentially kill or seriously harm them, but if they end up regretting there’s not much possible recourse.

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  2. As someone who took estradiol for years due to surgical menopause, I can testify that it is not a good thing. Actual biological females should not take estradiol, but, if necessary, use estrogen cream so the estrogen is not processed by the liver. As a result of ignorant medical personnel, I now have mild cataracts due to taking oral estrogen. And I was taking a very small amount! Nothing when compared to what a biological male would need to take. It is way past time to start educating our young people on how powerful sex hormones are. If biological males should not take testosterone (and they shouldn’t) and biological females should not be taking estrogen, what do people think happens when one takes cross-sex hormones?

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    • I don’t think the medical establishment or the general public really cares about what happens to trans identified people health. I don’t see any evidence of it.

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    • “What happens when one takes cross sex hormones?”

      Unicorns poop rainbows. 😫

      The situation we’re in now is so unbelievably loony. You have the sweetness and light bullshit version of trans which is the one informing the laws. And then you have the stuff on Reddit etc. *shakes head*

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      • And when you ask the totally uncritical trans supporters any specific questions about surgeries or medications, it totally passes by their rotted brains. I love that people who supposedly CARE SO MUCH about trans have absolutely no concerns for their health.

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    • Lately there’s been a lot of lawsuits advertised on TV for insecure middle-aged men who took testosterone and then suffered from things like heart-attack, stroke, embolisms, and in some cases death. So, if this happens when men take more of a male hormone, then people really shouldn’t be taken cross-sex hormones.

      Seriously, if I start a thread instructing minors or anyone else on where to buy illegal narcotics, I think I would be banned. How is this okay?

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  3. It’s ridiculous how all this craziness seemed to arise overnight in the last five years or so, and seems to only be getting worse. Sexual development isn’t the only thing that happens during puberty. The brain also becomes more mature. Someone who’s been on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for year will have stunted emotional growth, since his or her body never had the chance to go through its natural puberty at the typical age.

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