“Have you ever identified more with female characters than male ones?”

It’s time for yet another post full of examples of how trans people online use stereotypes as the basis of deciding to be trans. It’s interesting to see that even though proponents of gender identity publicly stress that gender identity has nothing to do with gender stereotypes, when trans people talk among themselves online, their narratives are usually absolutely steeped with the most egregious stereotypes. There is a huge mismatch between the official gender identity doctrine and what trans people tell themselves about their gender identities. Let’s have a look.

First, a person who, upon transitioning to female, finds themselves fitting “nice and snug in a submissive role”.

“nice and snug in a submissive role”

Then there is this post, entitled What moments make you look back and think ‘How the hell didn’t I realise I’m trans?,  (archive link) which starts out like this:

loving the princess role

Enjoying to play a female role must mean you’re transgender, boys can’t just like playing female characters!

hating stereotypes
hating gender stereotypes

If you hate stereotypes, you’re trans. Regular ol’ guys can’t hate stereotypes! They can’t enjoy playing with female relatives either.

loving theater

Loving theater must mean you’re actually a girl.

girl music
“A girl’ collection”

Likewise, certain types of music is only allowed for girls to like.

Then there is a post entitled If I think about being a girl am I transgender? (archive link), in which a poster wants to know if thinking about being a girl means one is a girl. One commenter helpfully posts a list of “signs” of being trans:

“were you a really big feminist?”

Signs of transness includes a desire to wear women’s clothing and being a feminist.

What does being a man mean to you? What do you like about being a man? asks a poster in r/ftm (archive link)

act like a woman
“the outside matches the inside”

Note first that this commenter doesn’t want to “act like a woman”. it is not explained what acting what a woman is, but it implies that there is some way that women acts, and that in order to avoid acting this way, you need to become a man. Choosing to not act this way is apparently not an option.

Finally, pay attention to the statement in this screenshot that the outside should “match” the inside. So there are apparently certain “insides” (personalities, presumably), that only match certain bodies. This is not a particularly progressive idea; the thought that only men or only women can have certain personality types is usually regarded as old-fashioned and regressive. But when trans people say it, nobody dares disagree apparently.

7 thoughts on ““Have you ever identified more with female characters than male ones?”

  1. Looking back, it is really obvious. I hated gender stereotypes. I wasn’t submissive. I volunteered to play boys in theatre plays. Only wore dresses very rarely.

    And yet, I was in my late twenties when I finally figured out that I am …

    … a radical feminist!

    I wonder why Mr. “nice and snug in a submissive role” didn’t just try leading an equal relationship. Or being in a submissive role with a female partner. (I guess he’s with a male now, as he mentions being in a relationship. I wouldn’t want to be with a man who thinks woman=submissive.)


  2. Thank you so much for your site. In Fort Worth, TX, the ‘trans-train’ has come to town, in the form of “Guidelines” Many of the posts from this site have been sent to one member of the Board of Education (they were not given the chance to vote on the Guidelines).

    I will be sending more.

    Again. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been reading since July of last year.


  3. The idea that humans can only identify with a character that is extremely similar in age, sex, race gave us the eternally awful Wesley Crusher.

    Gene Roddenberry said he created Wesley for the young fans to have a character to identify with. But his mistake was not recognizing that he had already created characters young people identified with – and loved – Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, etc. Sadly, his attempt to create the 5th -(and Russian) – Beatle in the form of Checkov didn’t clue him into what a mistake that was. I watched Star Trek because it helped me imagine myself in a world different from that of an unpopular middle school geek.

    If we can only identify with characters that match our physical characteristics, how is it that trans people identify with the opposite sex?

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  4. Most people do not obsess over their gender. This is true. If you are obsessing over your gender, or anything else, it is far more likely that you have a mental disorder than that you are trans.


  5. I love how they vociferously insist being trans has nothing to do with stereotypes, and then turn around and frequently cite all these sexist stereotypes as “evidence” of their transness.


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