“Feeling pretty and delicate, that is clearly female behavioral traits, right?”

A recurring theme on this blog is the relationship between transgender identity and gender roles and stereotypes. We have seen over and over and over again that when trans people talk about how they experience being transgender, they rely heavily, if not exclusively, on gender stereotypes. From wanting to wear specific clothes as toddlers to wanting specific hair cuts as teens, to wanting specific fashion choices as an adult, all kids of superficial things are taken as evidence of some innate identity.

However, since most people agree that gender roles are not actually progressive or good, but actually restrictive and bad, there is also a rush to assure people that being transgender does not actually have anything to do with gender roles or stereotypes:

gender identity doesnt know about gender roles
“Gender identity doesn’t know about gender roles”

Except for when these same stereotypes and roles are used as a direct reason for transitioning:

feeling pretty and delicate
“Feeling pretty and delicate”

But when someone explicitly asks about the connection between stereotypes and transitioning, they are quickly told that the two are never connected:

nothing to do with feminine or masculine
“Nobody transitions so that they can dress a certain way”

So nobody transitions so that they can dress a certain way, except this person, who wants to wear short shorts and knee-high boots, but cannot because they are for girls:

i wanna wear knee high boots
“I wanna wear knee high boots so bad”

Or this person, who wishes to “rock this or that outfit”.

I wish i could rock that outfit
“I wish I too could try to rock this or that outfit”

Or this person, who upon transitioning from male to female looks forward to never having to wear a tie again:

never having to wear a tie
“I am looking forward to never having to wear a tie again”

Or this person, who is looking forward to buying clothes from any store:

buying clothes in any store
“being able to buy clothes in pretty much any store”

Funny how many examples there are of this thing that supposedly doesn’t happen, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on ““Feeling pretty and delicate, that is clearly female behavioral traits, right?”

  1. The pretty and delicate bit. All I can think of is Sojourner Truth. I’m disabled now, but I used to weigh 180 pounds and could swing an eight-pound splitting maul. I’ve met plenty of men far more delicate than I used to be and they didn’t think they were female. What a bizarre culture we are, filled with people with apparently nothing to do except think about clothes.

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    • Yeah, it is super weird to me too. I hardly ever think about clothes and go for practicality. I do a lot of sports / exercise, so I usually wear simple athleti-leisure. Clothes do not cause a change in sex. I agree with the author that “trans” are typically hung up on stereotypes, while they deny their true motives.

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      • I know! I left NYC in 1991, so have no idea how much pressure is placed on women in urban areas to dress up. Fortunately I worked as a typesetter, no one cared how we dressed, and we made good money. Now that I’m back in Maine I hardly ever see a woman dressed up. So the trans here will have to trade in their jeans and T-shirts for … jeans and T-shirts!

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        • I live in Chicago and only dress up for formal events, and special occasions, or for work, when I had that kind of job.


  2. You wanna wear knee high boots? You’re not a girl. You are an elf:

    There. Problem solved. Get plastic surgery for your ears and live happily ever after. You also get to wear short skirts!

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  3. Right before I read this, I was discussing with my husband the fact that all the MTTs I see always seem to be dressed the way women who are seeking male attention dress. All these people who claim that there’s really really a woman inside (and it’s not about sex, and especially not autogynophilia) & there aren’t any who dress like ordinary middle aged women. It’s always a ton of makeup, super short skirts, slinky tops & heels.

    Also, there’s something MTTs do that I never see normal adult women wearing – bows in their hair and tiaras (as in “Call Me Cait” and her paid-for-TV-“friend” Candys) when they’re neither at an after-dark event at some palace or the Nobel Prize ceremony, which are the only places actual adult women would even consider wearing a tiara in public/in front of cameras.

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    • Agreed! These men become such caricatures of what they think women are supposed to look like. I wouldn’t be caught dead in stilettos, most things pink, crotch-length skirts, skimpy tops, and a face full of makeup. None of them ever dresses in comfortable, sensible clothes, leaves off the makeup, or wears sensible, normal shoes.

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