Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”?

Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”, that is, sexual arousal at the thought of being a woman? The transgender community online adamantly assures each other there is no such thing:

APG is a made up thing
“a made-up thing from Ray Blanchard”
APG is bullshit
“It is not AGP, because AGP does not exist”

Both screenshots above are from this thread, in which a poster wants to know why his therapist is asking questions about his desire to transition to a woman. Note how the second comment tells the original poster to ditch the therapist who is asking questions, and find someone who will go along with the desire to transition.

There is a great reluctance in the trans community towards the concept that some male people can feel arousal at the thought of themselves as being women. Considering that there are a plethora of different fetishes, people are aroused at pretty much anything from rubber boots to trees, it seems odd to claim that such a thing as autogynephilia does not even exist.

The assertions that AGP does not exist pop up in any discussion where someone is questioning whether they are actually transgender or are experiencing a sexual fetish, like this one.

apg dont exisst
“those things don’t actually exist”
punch ray b
“Has anyone punched Ray Blanchard lately?”

Denial that AGP exists, together with encouraging physical violence towards the researcher who described it, and implications that he should not be able to get work because his research is unpopular with transgender people.

It is curious also, that there are online communities of self-identified autogynephiles, who happily post away about their fetish and related fantasies, apparently oblivious to the fact that they do not exist (WARNING: links lead to sexually explicit websites).

Posters who identify themselves as transgender very often talk about the sexual component to their transgender identification. In this thread, the following is posted and then deleted:

stole swimsuit.PNG
“I stole the swimsuit and wore it for masturbatory purposes”

In another thread, one poster discusses pretending to be a woman when masturbating, then gradually escalating:

pretending to be a woman during masturbation
pretending to be a woman during masturbation

In yet another thread, the poster talks frankly about the sexual motivations for wanting to transition:

sex is the biggest factor.PNG
“sex is probably the biggest driving factor that makes me want to transition”

Yet other posters talk about how arousing it is to wear women’s underwear:

erect in underwear
“when I wear them I get semi-erect”

“I get very turned on with the thought of being a girl”, this poster writes, and is reassured that this is normal:

“Picturing what I will look like really turns me on”

Does anyone else get really turned on checking themselves out in the mirror? asks yet another poster. Among the replies is someone who is aroused by stockings, and someone who masturbates to their own nudes:

“I just need stockings”
I jack it to my own nudes
“I jack it to my own nudes”

Another poster is worried about excessive masturbation:

masturbating all the time
“ever since puberty I’ve been obsessed with sissy hypno and forced fem”

With one exception, the comments are all about how taking hormones will decrease the poster’s libido. It is not brought up how this young person’s extreme porn consumption might have affected his sexuality and identity.

Finally, let us close this already long post with this post, wherein the poster describes arousal at being called a female name:

excited at name and pronouns.PNG
“I just get hard for some reason”

“I just get hard for some reason”. We will let those words stand for themselves, and the readers can make up their own minds regarding the existence of autogynephilia.

20 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”?

  1. These people acting like they have a free pass because “autogynephilia” doesn’t exist are just out to normalise their fetishes based on a technicality. They are misinformed. Some of the examples in this post are clear cases of Transvestic Disorder (“engaging in sexually arousing cross-dressing”), included in the DSM-5 under Paraphilic Disorders.

    Also from the DSM re Paraphilic Disorders: “The eight listed disorders do not exhaust the list of possible paraphilic disorders. Many dozens of distinct paraphilias have been identified and named, and almost any of them could, by virtue of its negative consequences for the individual or for others, rise to the level of a paraphilic disorder” – so it certainly doesn’t mean anything goes in terms of dodgy behaviour. Additionally, Impulse-Control/Conduct Disorders – which involve issues re behavior regulation or that bring the “individual into significant conflict with societal norms” – could also apply.

    Considering trans people normalise their magical thinking in order to live a lie, it doesn’t surprise me they would deny anything exists that paints them or their transness in a negative light. It seems they are adept at living in denial about everything and normalising creepy shit is their forte. It doesn’t help that the DSM does not consider GD a “mental disorder” and trans abuse the protection afforded them under hate-crime/anti-discrimination laws.

    For some reason, after reading this blog post I am reminded of the Canadian trans Stefonknee Wolscht, who left his wife and kids to live as a transgender six year old girl. Yep, totally normal and nothing fetish or creepy about that.

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    • In their pointy little heads, the only negative a trans person ever encounters is people who question their narrative.

      What I love is how they think they can yell and scream and insult people into getting on board their crazy train.


  2. Of course they have “autogynephilia.” That is just a fancy term for transvestism, and nowadays, the vast majority of these men in dresses, if not all of them, are transvestites, whether or not they have bottom surgery and few do.

    They are such liars. We all know these guys have a sex kink.

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    • Not only do few of them have bottom surgery, but they are working to make it law across the country that all they have to do is declare verbally that they are trans – not even go tot he trouble of putting on a dress – and they will be treated by all of us, and the government, as legally women.

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  3. Reblogged this on The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA and commented:
    Yes, of course. The vast majority of men who claim to be “women” have a nasty case of it. And these men cooked up the phony alibi of “innate gender identity” to hide their embarrassment about living a lifestyle based on masturbation fantasies.

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    • Thanks for your reply Eugene, I learned so much with it.

      Here are some excerpts,
      “All of the individuals I interviewed watched their respective lives get worse (and not better) due to reasons that have nothing to do with prejudice…”
      “Tragically, one of my interview subjects, who went from working as a senior software developer to living in a woman’s homeless shelter, died of alcohol related disease at age 46…

      Wow, how terrible is that! I’m very saddened to read it.

      “The autogynephile demands the people around him corroborate with his living, breathing delusion that he is female. The presence of his otherwise healthy sexual anatomy is in his mind a birth defect due to some nebulous accident even though so-called gender dysphoria is not present in any other species in the animal kingdom.

      The autogynephile regards himself as somewhat passable even though to the greater population, he clearly isn’t and often becomes outraged at any violation to his fragile ego or mis-gendering.
      “Even the most passable transsexuals fail to pass 100% of the time,”

      I think one general conclusion that we can draw from your excellent reply is that the present “trans-trend” is just making a serious problem even worse.
      Again, it’s a corrupt society trampling over the individual because “numbers” (especially in bank accounts) matter more than the mind, or our true nature as humans.

      “Watch for my new book, The Transsexual Delusion, The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms, scheduled for release on on August 06, 2016.”
      I certainly will. 🙂

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    • Here is a very interesting video that I found on Eugene’s blog.
      The Transgender: Normalizing MENTAL ILLNESS
      At 8:11 it presents a drug called “pimozide”, which purportedly reduces the stress and desire to transition and autogynephilia.

      An excerpt:
      “You can have a community of afflicted, or sufferers looking to overcome their illness. But if you indulge a mental illness as an “identity” all you are doing is propagating the illness…”


      • An important addendum to my previous comment:
        The video above, despite the fact that it condemns the abusive support of transgenderism by our society, was in fact created by a misogynistic/right-wing, openly pro-patriarchy channel.

        All the MGTOW’s, MRA’s and, sadly, some women too, are there longing for a return to a stronger patriarchal society.
        This is the same type of people, I think, that believe that WW3 will happen someday.
        If women are empowered fast enough and become the true leaders of the world, it will never happen.
        What a big messy “global society” we live in, especially if we’re women.

        I’m sorry for having posted the video without checking this before.


      • If you see a photo of the Vanity Fair photoshoot (not the retouched photo on the cover), it’s obvious Bruce has not had “bottom” surgery, and he certainly doesn’t have the body of a young starlet


        • Trist, Regarding the Vanity Fair photoshoot, in the case of an autogynephile with a body dissociative disorder, the only person he is trying to impress is himself.

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  4. It’s so obvious the vast majority of MTTs have AGP. Things like makeup, high heels, skimpy clothes, and long hair are part of a sexual fetish. A lot of them also get off on asking how well they pass and then being told (often against blatant evidence) what sexy, real-looking “women” they are. It makes me sick to think about how many Kool-Aid drinking handmaidens I know who defend these perverts and insist they’re real women.

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    • Carrie-Anne – you’re so right on.

      They blather about how they’ve “always” known they’re “real” women and their proof is things real women hardly ever or never do: dressing like porn actresses, wanting to be told how “sexy” they are by everyone who crosses their paths – and probably want to force it out of people who resist saying such a thing (I only want to hear that I’m sexy from my husband)

      Has a MTF ever run to the store with a messy ponytail and no makeup? Do any of them dress like average adult women of their actual age?

      But what suggests to me, more than anything, that they are not and have never been “women on the inside” is that there’s a whole industry to teach them how to dress, how to walk, how to talk. Things women absorb just from living in the culture that we are all born into.

      A 50+ year old man who announces he’s trans has had more than triple the time to notice and absorb the norms of female behavior that a female teen has, and yet the female teens don’t need lessons to learn how to walk, talk, dress. Also, and most important of all the female teens (who don’t identify trans) dress in ways that are both recognizable as female *and* varied, from tomboy to girly-girl. There is no such spectrum of expression of femininity among MTFs.

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  5. Great post!

    These trans comments are so typical. Histrionic, angry and inaccurate. Ray Blanchard, and the “hope he doesn’t get work” comment. He’s a friggin psychologist, he doesn’t go around applying for jobs. Plus he’s retired now. And on Twitter.

    They also accuse Blanchard of having made up autogynephilia in order to STOP people from transitioning. Ha! He was massively, totally in favor of autogynephiles transitioning. He was the go-to psychologist who signed the papers for autogynephiles and others to get the sex change operations in Toronto in the 80s. He was sort of a pioneer of the horrible ultra pro-trans milieu in Toronto today. Don’t forget, Steffonee.😖

    Another poster you quote says Blanchard made up autogynophilia in order to “deny the existence of gay trans people”. Nope. Blanchard’s whole thing was there are the autogynephiles and then there are gay men who seek the sex change. And a smattering of like agender and others I forget what. But the main two were autogynephiles and gay.🙄

    Like AwesomeCat said, they’re embarrassed that they make their lives revolve around masturbating. That they actually get that that’s embarrassing is literally the only good thing you can say about them.

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    • petuniacat00:

      To be fair though I think Stefonknee is more a case of autopedophilia than nothing else.

      He has sex with his “adoptive parents” in the role of a small girl lol. And he plays with their daughter….who is like 7 years old or something.

      I’m sure there is some autogynephilia thrown in there also, people with one paraphilia usually have others also.

      I wouldn’t let Stefonknee have “play therapy” as he calls it with my kids though lol.


  6. In the same vein as those online forced fem or crossdressing communities there is also whats called a transformation fetish. Where a man is fully transformed (sometimes unknowingly or against his will) by some magical or sci-fi means into a woman. A very pornified woman. And of course this involves lots of sex once transformed, typically with men. I have no idea if there’s a female to male equivalent. I have never seen one.

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  7. If there is nothing about sexual longings involved with MTF “transition”, and it’s all about “I always knew I was a woman inside”, then why are there no MTF individuals who dress like middle aged housewives? All the MTF persons I see dress like porn actresses.

    Also disturbing is the concept of a little boy “knowing” he has (or is) a woman inside.


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