The words Asktransgender commenters don’t want teens to see

Several times on this blog, we have seen how young teenagers who are confused about their identities get advice from adults on places like reddit.

Often they get advice that is very inappropriate, like advice on how to obtain prescription medications illegally, or advice on how to hide said medications from parents. They are urged to do this as soon as possible. It can take only weeks for a teen to go from confused about their identity to feeling like they absolutely need these hormones. Sometimes adults suggest completely inappropriate courses of action like in this post where a 42 year old offers a teen to come to his house and get “shots”.

Today we are going to take a brief look at what kind of advice is not allowed on online transgender forums. A 14 year old posts in AskTransgender, asking “Is this real?

Hey guys, So, currently I identify as MtF. However, I keep thinking that I may not actually be, or that I am exaggerating, or that I simply want to be, so to not be “common”, or to be special/unique. I know it sounds silly, but I have OCPD, so these thoughts are constant 24/7, and I get very worried that I may not be trans. When I see a pretty girl, I wish I could look like her, not just be with her, and ever since I was a kid, I would often play online as a girl, and would Identify well with the character (not sure if relevant). It is getting annoying. I am 14 years old, and I don’t think I can get to a gender therapist soon. I don’t know what to do or think, as I have exaggerated “symptoms” before, and I also think I am a hypocondriac (not saying trans is an illness) which has lead me to believe I am gravely sick before, even though I am not, and I worry that this is what my mind is doing to me, any help?

There is a removed comment:

deleted comment
Deleted comment with replies

What did the deleted comment say? Must have been pretty bad, judging by the aggressive reactions, right? Luckily, since one of the replies mentions the username who made the deleted comment, it’s possible to find out. Clicking on the username of “pyre105” reveals the following comment:

allow yourself to be who you are
“Allow yourself to grow up as who you are”

So that was the comment, downvoted by other posters to -1, and then deleted. “Allow yourself to grow up as you are, away from labels and expectations. There’s really minimal difference between boys and girls in terms of personality, behavior, things we like, etc. Identifying with a girl character doesn’t make you a girl.”

These words  were so offensive that the  other commenters tell the author to “get the HELL away”, and that what they are doing is harmful, and then the comment is deleted. These are the words the posters on AskTransgender do not want 14 year old kids to read.

Meanwhile, comments urging them to obtain medications illegally, hide them from their parents, and go to the houses of 42 year old men, are not deleted. Food for thought for parents whose children are questioning their identities. Be extremely skeptical of the advice they are getting online.

11 thoughts on “The words Asktransgender commenters don’t want teens to see

  1. I’m the poster. I lasted exactly 1 day on asktransgender, a total of maybe 5 replies. It was very difficult not to offer up words of support when I saw children aged 13-14 were questioning, “maybe I’m not really transgender?” and basically asking for permission to not be, saying, “I’m not happy, but I don’t actually hate my body” or “I hate my body but maybe it’s because I was abused?”

    I’m surprised it was that post that got me banned, I used the word “biological sex” in another response and even suggested a young woman look up gender critical blogs, like gendercritical dad.

    The reason for the ban was “for spreading misinformation.”

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    • I’m for treating both sexes equally but sexism is deeply entrenched. Frankly I wish that I had cut my penis off when my sister got her braces in order to protest sex discrimination by my parents. My teeth are a mutilated mess because of the damn things between my legs! My sister received proper orthodontic care at an early age because she is a girl. However an alcoholic dentist delt with my severe overcrowding problem by cutting my teeth down in size by stripping off ALL of the enamel and some of the dentin in between many of my teeth in order to line them up. He made a bad bite look good while making the bite worse. As a result I experience chronic dental pain. Somebody else did sue that dentist for malpractice and my late father was the defense attorney (he lost the case).


    • If you hang around on /r/GenderCritical, there’s at least one x-post per month from asktg where a bunch of them will get together and freely admit they get sexually aroused by wearing everyday women’s clothing, being treated like a woman, even just having their proper pronouns used. But autogynephilia isn’t real and saying otherwise is bigotry, sure. When people show me who they are, I believe them, and this is no exception. I actually wasn’t even convinced on the autogynephilia concept until after I saw several of these threads and other quotes right out of the horses’ mouths. The things they’re saying to the general public/press don’t line up at all with what they say when they think they’re alone.

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      • 1970’s literature makes a distinction between transvestism and transsexualism. The transvestite is described as a man who gets sexually aroused by putting on “women’s” clothing. No female counterpart of the transvestite is described. I fail to see a difference between the description of a transvestite and autogenaphilla. Does the counterpart autoandrophilla exist?


  2. Hello. Great articles on this website.

    I particularly liked the articles about contradictions, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question there.

    So I have a question about contradictions in the trans narrative, which is as follows:

    1: Gender is in the head, and is not related whatsoever to your physical caracteristics, such as genitals (sex), or beard, etc.
    2: Transgender individuals feel like the other gender in their head

    So they proceed with modifying sexually dimorphic exterior physical characteristics.
    If the first statement is true, this shouldn’t be necessary. Am I missing something?

    Or should they stop talking about gender and say they want to be socially considered like the other sex?



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