“Shallow creepy fetishist of vaginae”

We have seen before on this blog that many transgender activists think lesbians should have sex with penises because the owner of the penis feels like a woman inside. It’s a girl’s dick, after all! People should think about their sexuality really deeply, so that they can realize that they want to have sex with penises after all!

When the topic comes up online, even the most extreme transactivists reassure us that it’s okay to not be attracted to certain genitals. But you should make absolutely sure by trying anyway!

refusing to date women with penises is transphobic unless you’re done it and decided it’s not for you

(from this thread on reddit)

You are also not allowed to refuse someone sex because they are transgender.

“it’s also transphobic to say you wouldn’t date someone because they used to have genitalia you don’t prefer”

It’s also wrong to not want penises, because you can have sex in other ways than penis in vagina!

“what a lot of people neglect to relize, is there are a lot of other ways of having sex than just PIV”

If you absolutely don’t want penis then okay I guess, but you should think about why and analyze why you don’t like penises!

you need to analyze.PNG
“Is it really because you prefer vaginas and really hate dicks?”

Not even if you have a “literal phobia” of penises are you excused from being obligated to sleep with dicks:

having a literal phobia of dicks is still tranphobic

In fact, there should not even be a word for “lesbian”, because the entire concept is so problematic, according to transactivists:

Being interested only in people with vulvas is highy problematic

People who are only into people with vulvas? Let’s call them “shallow creepy fetishist of vaginae”.

Liking people with vulvas? Shallow! Creepy! Fetishistic!

In fact, calling people who prefer female bodies fetishistic has become very popular.

Being a lesbian is just like having a foot fetish
vagina fetishists
words for lesbian.PNG
If you aren’t attracted to male people, you are s PUSSY FETISHIST
Vagina Worshipers or Dick Haters

(post was later removed, link here)

There is so much of this it’s impossible to cover it all. We’ll be back with more!


40 thoughts on ““Shallow creepy fetishist of vaginae”

  1. Any sentence that starts with or other implies “lesbians should have sex with xyz” is pimpish and overall rape enabling. My interest in discussing this subject tends to begin and end right there. Nobody owes anybody dates, either.

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    • Same old friend-zone male entitlement to women’s bodies, only now with different insults for the women who reject their advances. Instead of a woman being just a “bitch” or “crazy” these days, now she’s a “bigot” or “transphobe”. As someone else stated, why is it only trans “women” who have a right to demand biologically female partners, but lesbians can’t do the same? Oh that’s right, white male privilege. I don’t know what else you call more men telling women what their experience REALLY means and what they SHOULD think and want. Isn’t anyone tired of this song and dance yet? I sure am, and I’m not even a woman.

      This “cotton ceiling” thing was really the last straw for me as I read more and more gender critical thought online. As a gay man, I’m VERY cautious of doubting others’ lived experiences. I’ve tried to support trans friends in their journeys. I will not despise a human being trying to figure this human condition stuff out, trans or otherwise. But now, I don’t think I can get behind this trans craze anymore. I can’t go along hook line and sinker with the latest demands to sterilize kids or pretend a 30-year-old man “discovering” he’s a woman is identical to a woman who’s had 30 years of lived experience as one. Especially when he feels entitled to her bathroom AND her bedroom.

      Where are my feminist sisters raising hell over this?

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      • We’re too damn scared I guess. Too many liberal “cis” men don’t wanna be labeled a bigot and women don’t want to be raped and killed. We need to speak up more about this, but my god we’re just fucking scared.


  2. How does a trans-woman know he’s a lesbian? I mean, if you’re now saying that physical sex has no relation to sexual attraction, why aren’t all of these trans-women having sex with other trans-women or with men? Aren’t they being genitalia fetishists, too?

    These definitions go both ways. Guess they didn’t think it out that far, huh?

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    • I agree with you and I’m gender dysphoric myself. Physically I’m a cerebral palsied male and I’m very envious of the healthy able bodied female body. I’ll never have what I wish that I had unless reincarnation is a reality. Perhaps sex dysphoric would be a more accurate term with regard to my envy of the healthy female body.


  3. I don’t know if you’ve seen this Youtube video making the rounds, but it’s a trans woman saying “if you’re not attracted to trans people with penises, that’s discriminatory and hurtful,” although you’re not necessarily “a horrible person who hates trans people.”


    • Here’s some things I’ve noticed about this video that none of the response videos or comments have mentioned: Riley depicts sexual attraction as a product of only reaction to appearance, taking a lot of time to explain that there are “conventionally good looking trans people” that we (the hypothetical “bigots” he is speaking to) could be attracted to without knowing what’s in their pants. What’s missing from this picture? For one thing, pheromones – reactions on a deep biological level to chemicals – not to mention behavior, like whether this person is kind, funny, also possibly interested?

      Next problem, Riley assumes sexual attraction is able to be modified by effort, specifically “thinking critically about it”, which Riley reports changed his own preferences from “not wanting” to “willing to” date a trans person. Who among us adults hasn’t met someone who, to use the cliche “looks good on paper” but one feels no attraction for?

      But most of all, Riley seems oblivious to the idea of attraction leading to a long-term relationship, that things other than “looks good” – such as having similar values, ideas about how to handle money and run a household, whether to have kids – might factor in.

      And for the record – there’s no such thing as a non-binary transgender woman with a penis who is a lesbian. This is a guy whose entire “transition” can be summed up in one word: eyeliner.

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      • One last thing. They speak of “attraction” as if it’s Mt Rushmore; something that’s, once felt, is as immutable as rock. The truth is attraction is more like fog or smoke. It CAN and often does deepen into more. But for reasons both profound or petty, it often dissipates as quickly as it came.

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    • This series of videos is the last thing little kids need to be exposed to. The age group suggested by the set decor only needs to know that the adults in their lives love them, and that life will bring many changes as they grow up. If a boy wants a baby doll or a girl wants Matchbox, there’s no reason to make a big deal about it – it’s the trans activists who are trying to make rigid the lines of which toys signify which gender.

      Not only are this person’s videos creepy, but the opening song is such an earworm it has been stuck in my head for almost a week (Christmas week, during which it had stiff competition from traditional Xmas songs)

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      • Saw another video by Lindsay Amer (she has another you tube channel besides qks) in which she says the channel is aimed at kids 3-7 years old.

        She also says that she created this content because she felt that she didn’t get enough support for her gayness in her early years, so she feels other kids need to be exposed to this. This is ridiculous because people’s memories tend to be malleable and much influenced by the mood of the moment and things the person has heard/experienced since. So based on what are probably inaccurate versions of her own childhood, Lindsay has decided that all kids need to be exposed to content that, as far as I can see from having viewed at least 5 of the qks videos, would only be confusing. For example, conflating bisexuality with loving someone of the same sex and the opposite sex, which could make a kid who loves both mommy and daddy, or loves her brother and her sister, to believe that this is bisexual.

        She also says she believes all kids are queer.


  4. Yeah I don’t blame you guys for being so upset… I’m a trans woman and I don’t like dick either… except for mine of course. Also I wouldn’t date a man if my life depended on it… not just because of the dick problem but I know how men are and don’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Likewise I wouldn’t date a trans woman who hadn’t had bottom surgery neither. I get all that… I do.

    I was married to a woman for 18 years and very rarely did I ever put my dick inside her. I’d use my fingers and tongue to get her off cause’ that’s what I like to do. That’s what I’ve always liked to do. I’ve always thought holding each other and kissing and doing the mutual masturbation thing was way more hot than sticking my dick inside somebody and pumping back and forth. Ew… kind of gross even talking about it.

    Are we that different you and I? I mean I’ve been to a number of lesbian sex parties where I was the only trans woman and I didn’t get all butt hurt because no one wanted to play with my dick. So what? I got to have my fingers and tongue up inside a lot of really hot women and I left those events happy.

    But you know the one thing I did observe at those parties? Women doing the same things to each other that my wife and I used to do to each other. Lots of fingering, lots of oral sex, and lots holding and kissing and women getting off either with an assist or by their own hands.

    Draw whatever conclusions you like. I know that at least *I* am not that different from lesbians who were born women in terms how I like to have sex, my preference of who I want to have sex with, and that I’ve been having a version of lesbian sex with women pretty much since puberty… regardless of whether those women ID’d as straight or not.


    • Textbook autogynophiliac

      You’re a man who wears women’s clothing, has attractions to women, and has had occasion to attend parties where the other attendees were lesbians, and quelle surprise, didn’t want dick. No matter how much fingering, licking and stroking, if there’s a dick, it’s not lesbian sex.

      How could you possibly know that particular feelings you have are in any way analogous to feelings that women feel? I think that is awfully presumptuous. I could believe you always wanted to be a woman – but that’s different than saying “I always had the identical interior life to a woman”. How would you even know that your feelz are “woman” feelz and not feelings like other men?

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    • Nope, Snarla, you’re wrong. Just because you have sexual preferences that you think are “the way lesbians are” does not make you a woman, nor a lesbian. You are very definitely an ordinary heterosexual male.

      Let’s reverse your logic. Despite the fact that I like the following, I still am a heterosexual XX chromosome woman:

      1) I like anal sex
      2) I like watching gay male porn
      3) I am attracted to men and enjoy penetrative sex
      4) I like dating men

      None of this means that I am actually a male homosexual trapped in a woman’s body! I am very happy to have a vagina, to have breasts, and to be a woman. I am not confused in any way. I am normal, psychologically and physically.

      I am thankful that I did not go through puberty now though, as the trans movement would have probably inundated me with “those are symptoms of being trans”. It is likely I would have contemplated or even sought to have the horrible mutilations that so many young lesbians are now going through, i.e. Female to Male transition surgery and cross-hormonal (mis-)use.


  5. These zealots are constantly finding new ways to sink lower and lower! They couldn’t make their sex-obsessed, woman-hating, lesbian-hating, abusive demands and intents more obvious in all those screenshots. Sexual orientation means something, and normal people have boundaries for a reason.

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    • Riley claims to have used rational thought to decide he could date a trans person, and proposes that the rest of the world does this. I don’t think it’s because Riley wants us “bigots” to have more sexual opportunities, I think it’s because Riley wants to be able to talk anyone into going along with his sexual wishes and frame any sexual rejection as bigotry on the level of racism, sexism & putting stumbling blocks into the path of handicapped people. It’s especially disgusting because I think the motivation of this video is that Riley is giving notice that anyone who rejects his sexual advances will be soc-just shamed, and he is using people of other races, women and disabled people as props to divert attention away from his true goal.

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  6. Vaginae fetish. But I thought fetishes were sacred these days? Don’t you dare kink shame me for my vaginal fetishes. These hypocrites.


  7. Of course a lesbian or heterosexual man does not want to have sex with a trans woman with a penis. Because a trans woman with a penis is not the same as a cis woman. This is self-evidently obvious. But it’s exactly the thing that these people are trying to convince society of isn’t true. And this is the problem. At some point this whole charade becomes so ludicrous that it requires a willful denial of reality that it cannot be sustained.

    I’d rather be called a “transphobic” bigot than have sex with someone with a penis. And I am hardly alone.

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    • I’m straight (and happily married, so the following is hypothetical/based on life before I met my life partner): I’d rather be called a “transphobic bigot” than go out with someone who claims to be a woman and that being born male and keeping the original equipment wouldn’t mean we weren’t a “lesbian couple”.


    • I’m bi and I will never date a TiM or a TiF, because I don’t want to put up with a man who has a sick fetish of women and a women who hates herself much she mutilates her body.


  8. In the Middle Ages, people died all the time. A young woman might be left a widow with a flourishing business. Instantly, other men would be attracted to the fair maiden and demand access. But the woman could run her life the way she wanted to, without male input, and so, rashly, she would send them packing. Once they were sure she wasnt just playing hard-to-get, there’d be a threefold attack: first, nasty, resentful names: “fucking bitch…thinks she can choose what she wants!!” Next, the label “witch” would be applied. And finally: violent assault ending in death.

    Its amazing how nothing ever changes. Here we have women who refuse to sexually service a group of males. First, they instruct her on how to think. when she persists, and they are certain they are rejected, out come the names: “creepy vagina fetishist!” Next is Terf…and as we all know, just like witches, terfs are evil and not human and any violence against them is ok

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    • Violence against radical feminists or lesbians is increasing everyday, especially lesbians. This shows that all what pseudo lesbians trans women want is to have sexual access to lesbians, they are simply straight guys with a lesbian fetish, like 99,9% straight guys on the world. A lesbian love women, not men in drag.

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  9. These guys and their pleading, directing, admonishing and badgering of women reminds me so much of the crazy pedophile who tried to lure me out of the store and down under a bridge where he planned to do god knows what to me when I was only 7 years old. No one can tell me there isn’t some SERIOUS creepy perversion here with these freaks.

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  10. “fet·ish
    noun fetish plural noun fetishes
    a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.”

    The definition of fetish is linked to SEXUAL DESIRE, not actual SEX. So what the fuck. By that definition, lesbians are about the least fetishistic people I know.


  11. I find it funny, that Hetrosexual males are trying to redefine what it means to be gay or lesbian. That’s like that Riley Dennis guy talking about how he’s say “gay” because he like girls. Wait, what?

    Ok, so let’s pretend for a second, we can’t tell what genitals anyone has. Men and Women are built differently. Men are usually bigger in general than females. Lesbians are just like anyone else, as they have their own preferences on what they are attracted to, besides vigina. I sorry, but most transgender “women” can not emulate that physical attraction.

    If it looks like a dude, walks like a dude, and acts like a dude, most likely it’s a dude.

    Most of these freaks wouldn’t know how to be queer, even if their life depended on it.

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    • Riley is so obviously a man. I am heterosexual. After about two seconds of watching his stupid video, I notice his prominent adam’s apple, which attracts me because of it being distinctively masculine. I see long hair, which looks soft and pretty, but makes him no less masculine. Riley is a guy. He doesn’t even seem to be a homosexual guy. Riley is an ordinary heterosexual XY chromosome male, despite what he says. Riley is also mentally disturbed and delusional. Sadly, he and others like him are spreading their mental illness through social contagion into a mass psychosis.

      As one of the other posts on this blog concluded, transgender is a public health crisis.


  12. Yeah, this ‘sect’ of trans people are plain crazy. They clearly do not know what “phobia” actually means. Using their theory, anyone who is not entirely pansexual is obviously phobic of the gender or body part they’re not attracted to.

    I know most (all?) of you think all trans people are crazy, but there are quite a few who do not subscribe to the batshit crazy stuff that’s been coming out of trans circles the last few years.

    Believe what you will about trans people in general, or more specifically transsexual people, I don’t care, but I can assure you this is the lunatic fringe of the group, and that most do not believe this nonsense. The sane ones with common sense and an actual understanding of language tend to live their lives quietly and don’t come out and join the fray. And realistically, if they come out against what the lunatic fringe are saying, they will get dox’d, attacked mercilessly and might even end up losing their jobs due to the sick games the lunatics play. It’s insane. I just wish these self-righteous whiners would STFU.


    • Can you point us in the direction of this reasonable majority, esp any groups they may be forming in order to counter the hate rhetoric coming from their organizations? After all, it’s their responsibility to counter the rhetoric, no? Where are they then?

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