“I feel higly emotional like a female”

Over and over again, transpeople assure anyone who asks that of course being transgender has nothing to do with stereotypes. Gosh, it’s not about clothes or makeup or mannerism, they say.

Then in their own forums, they turn right around and contradict this tale.

And they keep doing it. In fact, there is so much material only on reddit that this blog doesn’t have time to cover it all. Here are a few gems from a post in a large forum for transpeople:

In Retrospect, What Was The Most Obvious Sign You Were Trans? (Lighthearted/Funny):

stereotypes 6
Using a towel as a skirt
enjoying makeup
Enjoying makeup
hormonal and emotional
Being emotional
enjoying dance
Enjoying dance
wanting pretty shoes.JPG
Wanting pretty shoes and clothes
liking stuffed animals
Being super into stuffed animals
not liking gender norms for clothes
Not liking gender norms for clothes
liking long hair
Liking long hair
playing pretend as a small child
Playing pretend as a young child
playing with princesses
Playing “pretty princess”
I’d constantly skip everywhere
i knew i was a girl mentally
I knew I was a girl mentally

This was just a few of the comments in a single reddit post. How many of these must we post before the trans community admits that stereotypes of what women and men are play a role in the increase of people transitioning?