Non-conformity to gender roles as “red flags”

This blog talks about gender stereotypes as motive for transitioning all the time, so much so that’s there’s a tag for it. Anyone critical of transgender ideology has noticed it, even though trans people often try to deny it:

it is not a case of gender roles causing transition
It’s not about fitting gender stereotypes and transitioning because of that!
Nobody transitions so that they can dress a certain way

In other words, trans people claim that being transgender has nothing to do with gender roles and stererotypes about clothes and hairstyles.

Why is it then, that on their own forums, when talking among themselves, trans people readily admit that it IS about gender roles?

What were your childhood red flags? asks a poster on a transgender forum on reddit. This person’s “red flags” include:

Around age 4 there were moments that i actually thought that I’m a girl. Also sometimes thought that I will grow to be a girl

I hated boyish sports, screaming, muscles, demonstrating strength and seeking dominance. However, I really tried to suppress my nature and fit in, for ex. by going to the gym. I always hated that i had to act manly to be treated seriously as an AMAB person.


Note that it’s developentally normal to not understand that sex is permanent at age 4. And not enjoying masculine sports means you’re a girl?

Some comments:

wanted sleepovers and loved girly tv shows

Wanting sleepovers and watching “girly” TV shows are red flags that a male child is actually a girl, apparently.

wanting girl toys

Liking girl characters on TV shows, wanting to wear brigthly colored clothes, and wanting to play with “girl toys” are similarly “red flags” that means a male child is transgender. Take note, parents of boys: it could be your child!

hated clipping my nails

But watch out, a hatred of girly things can also mean a male child is really a girl! Also, hating having your nails clipped. Most babies are probably actually girls then.


Putting things inside your bumhole is another red flag that you’re actually a girl, according to the comment above.

no sporsts

And yet again, not liking sports.

sex symbol

Not treating women like objects is actually a red flag that you yourself are a woman, Because surely no man would feel that way? And not least, preferring your hair long. No man ever preferred long hair.

makeup and ballett

Enjoying wearing makeup and taking ballet, also red flags you’re actually a girl.


Admiring female cartoon characters = girl. It’s literally impossible to admire characters of the opposite sex, you know?

hair and clothes

Being curious about the differences betwen boys and girls, wanting long hair, wanting to be cute, and liking “girls’ clothing” = GIRL.

anal play

And once again – putting stuff up your anus for pleasure means you’re actually a girl.

But there’s something more sinister here, as ridiculous as it seems to see grown men talk about how putting fingers up their bums made them realize they were girls. These comments are taken from ONE POST on ONE FORUM for transgender people. There are posts like these every single day – too many for this blog to cover. What happens to impressionable kids and teens who curiously read these posts over and over? Slowly internalizing the idea that liking long hair, liking makeup, having female friends, liking ballett, are “red flags” that means they are actually transgender? When these same kids turn up to these forums, they are often given the advice that they should hurry up and transition. They tell them how to obtain hormones illegally and hide them from their parents. This is a public health crisis unfolding before our eyes. It’s a narrowing of gender roles, not a diminishing of gender roles.

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