Contradictions in transgender theory part 1: social constructs and female bodies

Many transgender people like to remind everyone that body parts are not “inherently sexed” and that biological sex is just a social construct. The webcomic called “Assigned male” helpfully reminds us that this is so, by stating that penises and vulvas aren’t really boy’s parts or girl parts.

vulva and penis

We see the same sentiment expressed here:

female penis 1

“Sex isn’t defined by biological traits”, we are told.

female bodied 5

If there is really no such thing as biological sex, if there are just collections of random body parts, then why do trans people keep saying things like this:

female bodied1

Or this entire post¬†about wanting to have “a female body”:

female bodied 2

“Feminine features”:

female bodied 3

“A body of the opposite sex”:

female bodied 4

Another person talking about a “female body”:

female bodied 6

What are these female bodies? What do they look like? What do they have in common? Trans people are welcome to chime in in the comments!