“I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes”

We’ve seen before in this blog that it’s not uncommon for transgender people, especially those wanting to transition to female, to be jealous and angry at women, for having what they desperately want. Sometimes, it gets ugly.

I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes“, this commenter confesses:


Another commenter in the same thread reports violating their sister’s privacy while she was asleep, in order to “know what my body should have looked like”.


Does the jealousy ever go away“, asks this poster, who admits that their “lust for girls is completely intertwined with jealousy”:


One commenter chimes in, saying no, it actually got worse.


But maybe that’s just part of being a woman, after all, according to this commenter, “normal women are HIGHLY judgmental“:


This poster hates a 23 year old woman for having the life they always wanted, with a princess bedroom and a prom dress. Also the poster wants to “have angry, passionate sex with her”:


A woman says that this makes her uncomfortable, and another person tells her “I’d probably irrationally hate you too”.


More commenters chime in. “You’re not the only one, hon”.


This poster can’t even look at women without becoming angry:


While this poster gets filled with “sadness, jealousy, and rage” and the sight of a vagina:


A commenter reassuringly says that at least  vaginas can be avoided, while on the other hand “I get triggered every time I need the lady’s room”.


These people admit to hating women, being lustful but at the same time envious and rage-filled. They report wanting to have “angry sex” with someone and even to violating their siblings. These are people who have an obsessive, unhealthy fixation with women and women’s bodies.

” I feel like I have to try so hard as a guy” vs “I hate how I’m treated”. Motives for wanting to transition

We have seen previously on this blog that people who want to transition to the other gender often have other motives for doing so than gets presented in the usual stories we see in the media. The stories we see in the media portray being transgender as being true to some inner essence – like the rebirth of  Bruce as Caitlyn, someone who was always there, inside, the real soul inside the body.

In reality? People who transition have many different motives for doing so. Some transitioners feel that their personalities would fit better in the bodies of the opposite sex. .Thinking that the other sex has it better and easier is not uncommon. This is also seen in this post:


Sometimes, sexual feelings are part of it, as we see in this post:


Some questioners (especially the ones who are born female) hate the way they are treated by others as their birth sex:


Regular old-fashioned sexism is now making young women question whether they are really men inside. This is a sexist consequence of a sexist ideology.

“I feel like my personality just fits too. I have always been super emotional and dramatic about silly things.”

Being transgender is supposedly about having a “gender identity” that does not fit with your biological sex. This gender identity is sometimes described as “a person’s private sense and subjective experience of their own gender”. In practice, the reasons many trans people give for feeling like a woman/man are thoroughly sexist and based on nothing but stereotypes.

This poster is questioning his identity:


“I feel like my personality just fits too. I have always been super emotional and dramatic about silly things.” Ah, of course, Females are super emotional and dramatic about silly things. How progressive. Does anyone call him out on how sexist this is? Does anyone suggest his masturbatory fantasies about being female might be just that, a fantasy to get off to? No, of course not.


“I won’t tell you that you’re trans, but yup, you are totally trans”.


“Make an appointment to get hormones now now now” (an “informed consent clinic” is a clinic that will prescribe hormones without requiring you to get psychological treatment).

So there we have it. Feeling like a woman = being emotional and dramatic.